Who Did Something Stupid Today?



Soccer Mom Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Nearly $175K from Team – Once again we ask: Where do these youth sports teams get all that cash?

Female Diving Coach at Towson University to Enter Plea Deal in “Peeping Tom” Case – Maureen Mead is accused of using a cell phone to record images of swimmers in the locker room.

Today’s High School Coach Sex Scandal comes to us from Tempe, AZ where 26-year-old William Ruiz faces four counts of sexual conduct with a minor. Specifically, a 14-year-old girl on his team.


HS Hazing Update: Leechburg basketball team to compete in playoffs despite hazing incident – Well, that sends a clear message to the boys that they shouldn’t haze one another unless they can also win a championship!

Apparently, Hazing is Still a Problem at Northwestern University – Almost ten years after BadJocks blew the whistle on hazing pictures proudly posted by the women’s soccer team, things don’t seem to have changed much at the Big Ten school. Why is that?

Job Offer to HS Football Coach After District Learns of Hazing Lawsuit at Previous School

Santa Fe High School Basketball Coach, 4 Players Suspended One Game for Bus Incident That WASN’T Hazing – So if it wasn’t hazing, what was it? According to AD Sarah Baca, it was “. . . merely a case of the student-athletes being too physical with one another after an emotional road win against a favored opponent.”


Streaker not fazed by cold during New Zealand Warriors’ Nines rugby match – Well, thank goodness for that! Link includes video and a picture of the male streaker, so you have been warned!

Caught on Video: UK Soccer Hooligan Runs Across Pitch During Match, Punches Opposing Fans, Runs Back – Classy hooliganism if we’v ever seen it!

Football Program at Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA Under Investigation for Hazing After Reports of an Injury – Said one female student, “They’re boys in the locker room, you know, stupid things are gonna happen.”


Catherine Handlin, 24, Arrested on charges of having sex with underage boysArgentina Creates Database of Soccer Hooligans

February’s First Female HS Coach Sex Scandal: Girl’s Basketball Coach at Berean Christian High School (CA) Arrested and Charged With Having Sex with Two Male Students


Sports Quote of the Year? Well, maybe just the funniest thing said on a golf course in a while: “I’m going to hit you on the head with my club for being a dickhead!” – Said from one Australian golfer to another after they got into a spat over a missing golf ball.

Inside Peyton Manning’s secret investigation into Al Jazeera documentary – Were the people he hired to look into the charges he took HGH doing an investigation or were they trying to intimidate witnesses?

From WFAA – EXCLUSIVE: Manziel’s ex claims QB threatened to kill her, himself – That little “domestic situation” in Fort Worth over the weekend is now starting to sound a little more serious. And now we also might know the reason cops went looking for Johnny Football afterwards.

Cops Investigating Alleged Hazing Incident at Leechburg, PA HS that “Involved a Stick” – No one is really saying what happened with said stick and the boys varsity basketball program, but one parent was quick to point out that it was just a game that has been going on for 10 years and that there was “never any penetration.” Wait, what?

College Track Coach Accused of Exposing Himself to Underage Girls – That’s not the kind of “exposure” we were talking about for our program, coach!

And More Naughty Coaches: HS Boys Soccer Coach Accused of Hiding in Storage Closet, Tampering With Blinds, to Watch Female Students Undressing – Isn’t this the plot of some bad movie?

February 4, 2016 Update

Nine Basketball Players from Lehigh Senior High School Suspended 5 Games Over Explicit Rap Video

Flames’ Dennis Wideman suspended 20 games for hit on linesman – Honest mistake or cheap shot? Watch the video and you decide!

Vegas Oddsmakers Say There’s a 40-1 Chance Someone Will Streak the Super Bowl – That seems low to us, but you never know. It has happened in the not too distant past. Unfortunately for this guy, it was the same year as the infamous Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction .

Entire Amateur Soccer Team Banned After Player Knocks Red Card Out of Referee’s Hand

Middle School Wrestling Coach Arrested on DUI Charge, Blows 0.126 BAC – Amateur! To make the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings you need more than double that these days. Better luck next time coach!

February 3, 2016 Update

Remember How the NFL Keeps Saying There’s No Recording of the First Super Bowl? That’s Not Entirely True

We’re Shocked! Cleveland Browns Finally Decide They’ve Had Enough of Johnny Football

High School Cheerleading Coach, Accused of Soliciting Nude Photos From HS Girl, Was Also on Scholarship as a College Cheerleader at Blinn College

Four Oklahoma high school wrestlers charged with rape following hazing incident on bus – You probably already guessed it: someone had to put a finger where it doesn’t belong.

Seven Texas HS Students Accused of Stealing Golf Carts from Howling Trails Golf Course, and Destroying Them by–You Guessed It!–Driving Into Water – What is it about the allure of driving a small, electric vehicles into water? Video below shows the damage.

February 2, 2016 Update

After Native American Mascot is Banned at CT High School – Parent Designs ‘F*ck You’ Finger Headdress T-Shirt – Thanks Dad!

Parent creates new logo for high school
Tell us how you really feel about the ban on the Native American mascot?

More Mascot Madness: Amherst College Drops Lord Jeff Mascot, Named After for 18th-century British Gen. Jeffery Amherst Known for . . . Suggesting a Plan to Deliver Smallpox-Infected Blankets to Native Americans?

Even More Mascot Madness: Thieves Steal Head of Scottish Football Club Mascot, Team Puts Out Creepy Missing Persons Report

Entire HS Cheerleading Squad Suspended After Reports of Bullying, Accidental Drops – Sometimes, it sucks to be the girl at the top of the pyramid.


February 1, 2016 Update

Former high school basketball player sues Olympia, WA schools over sexual hazing

‘American Crime’ producers tackle high school hazing partly to ‘shame’ perpetrators

New York Jets settle wage lawsuit with cheerleaders

Video: Coach Fired For Tripping Rival Cheerleader, Girl’s Dad Says it Never Happened