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You Knew This Would Happen: Canadian Curling World Swept Up in ‘Broomgate’

The popular ice-based sport of curling has joined the big leagues! No, viagra not in popularity (although likely it will be the highlight of the next Winter Olympics) but in controversy.  And it’s not steroids or deflated balls, but it does involved brooms which might dramatically alter the game. More from Global News (video below): Broomgate, as many are calling it, has now prompted the World Curling Federation to act…


Video: Euro 2016 Match Between Russia and England Ends in a Clash

European soccer hooligans are at it again! The Euro 2016 match between Russia and England which ended in a 1 all draw, cialis usa turned into chaos as Russian fans charged into a section full of English supporters.  They threw missiles, discount viagra tearing down flags and fighting with anyone who stood in their way.

boxing match winner

Tyson Fury’s Bad-Boy Image Allows Spotlight for Anthony Joshua

British boxing is currently dominating the world, viagra canada especially when it comes to the heavyweights. With two world champions in Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, generic cialis things are on the up for the Brits. However, the two champions are expected to go head-to-head in the next 18 months. With that in mind, we’re wondering if Fury’s bad-boy image wouldn’t look so bad if Joshua wasn’t the golden boy…


Video: Professional Wrestler Performs BOOBPLEX on Rivals – Joey Ryan

So, buy viagra there’s a professional wrestler (assuming he’s a pro because who would do this for free, right?) named Joey Ryan who has invented–and possibly perfected–a finisher move called the Boobplex.  Yes, you read that right. And it’s exactly what it sounds like: he gets behind a female wrestling opponent (yes, apparently in this age of equality, men can wrestle women for money), grabs them by their breasts and…


Video: College basketball junior pulls off an incredible dunk from BEHIND the free throw line

Is this video for real, cialis usa an optical illusion, or some kind of CGI? Here’s more on the story from the Daily Mail: At 6? 2?, Patrick Dickert is considered small in the world of basketball. But the Colby College player has somehow managed a dunk so incredible, even the NBA’s finest would find it hard to follow. In a video posted to his Instagram that has stunned the internet, the…


Tips on Getting Into a Sold Out Event

One of the best ways for a person to reduce the amount of stress they have in their life is by taking the time to find a hobby. For people who love excitement and getting to know new people, viagra generic going to sporting events or concerts is a great way to pass the time. In some cases, viagra getting discount tickets to a particular event will be difficult due…


Video: Tennis Player Loses Point for Mocking Opponents Grunting

Tennis is another sport that has lost fans because of stupidity like this. In a match between Gonzalo Lama and Robin Haase, buy cialis Lama grunts loudly every time he hits the ball. At one point during the exchange, Haase also grunts, but the referee claims he is doing it to mock Lama so he loses the point. Haase then tries–unsuccessfully– to argue that his grunting was no more offensive…


The Real Question: Who Took the Fun OUT of Baseball?

Earlier this year, viagra sale Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper wore a hat that read “Make Baseball Fun Again” and proceeded to explain that his mission this season was to do just that: bring fun back to Major League Baseball.  And, viagra as laudable as that is, the real question was never asked: who took the fun OUT of baseball to begin with? In the wake of Harper’s announcement, sports pundits seemed…


Winner! HS Boy Takes Washington Redskins Cheerleader to Prom

We’re not sure what grades Stephen Bieber (no relation to Justin) gets at Old Mill High School (MD), viagra usa but with the kind of hustle he showed in figuring out how to get a Washington Redskins cheerleader to go to prom with him, tadalafil we have a feeling you’re going to be hearing more about this kid in the future. Or he could just sit back and live out his life…


Video: Fight breaks out at “fun” charity football game between NYPD and FDNY

Stay classy New York! Video below, viagra more on the story from the NY Daily News: The NYPD and FDNY have a long history of working together as one to save lives in New York City. But put them together on a field of play and all hell usually breaks loose. It happened again on Sunday, best cialis when the city’s Bravest and Finest squared off in what was supposed…


Tennessee HS Basketball Coach Indicted For Not Reporting Pool Cue Rape of Freshman Players

Anyone still not convinced that sports hazing is a bad idea?  Here’s more from USA Today: The Hamilton County Grand Jury this week indicted Ooltewah High School head basketball coach Andre Montgomery for failing to report the alleged sexual assault of four freshmen basketball players.   Montgomery faces four counts of failure to report child sexual abuse. The Ooltewah boys varsity basketball team was staying at a Gatlinburg cabin in December when four freshmen players…


Video: Japanese WWE Electric Barbed Wire Death Match

Don’t really have a lot of information about this video, viagra other than it involves two lady wrestlers in some kind of death match. Oh, and the ring is surrounded by electrified barbed wire.  Fake, probably, but still pretty cool special effects when they inevitably hit the wire.