Video: High School Cheerleader Run Over by Team

This appears to have happened at Edna Karr High School (New Orleans, cialis sales medicine LA) where the pre-game tradition of the cheerleaders holding up a banner for the players to run through went terribly wrong. We doubt she’s going to make this same mistake again.

October 8, 2013

PA High School Investigating Hazing Incident Involving Water Polo Team

The water polo team? Really?  I guess everyone wants to get in on this hazing craze. We like how the superintendent repeated the phrase from the “Administrator’s Handbook on Denying Your School has a Hazing Problem” by talking about how these were “great kids” and that it was just something that “went too far.”  Way to follow the guidelines! Here’s more on the story from PA Home Page: Wyoming Valley…

October 4, 2013

Report: Columbia U Women’s Field Hockey Team Hazing Resulted in Frat Losing House

Thinks college sports hazings and Greek organizations on campus have nothing to do with each other? Not so fast! According to this report in the Columbia Spectator, tadalafil viagra sale the ladies from the field hockey team were going through their “annual ritual” of getting freshmen members drunk and parading them through a number of the fraternity houses on campus. But at the Zeta Beta Tau house, tadalafil things took…

October 3, 2013

Two HS Soccer Coaches Resign Over Hazing Incident

It’s not just the kids that get in trouble when there’s a hazing incident.  This one happened in West Virginia and cost two varsity soccer coaches their jobs. No details yet on what the soccer players did, viagra sale cialis but there will be a disciplinary hearing soon. More from the Wheeling News Register: Two Brooke High School boys soccer coaches have resigned voluntarily after reports of hazing by members…

October 2, 2013

Canadian College Cheerleaders Slapped With $140 Fine for Street Performance

October 1, 2013

The rule here: Don’t mess with London, buy viagra pills Ontario cops! Here’s more from CTV News: Police in London, Ont., are defending an officer’s decision to issue a $140 ticket over an impromptu cheerleading performance during homecoming festivities at Western University over the weekend. According to coach David-Lee Tracey, Western’s cheerleading team was walking to the homecoming football game when they broke out into one of their routines on Broughdale…


Cleveland Browns Streaker Banned From Stadium

Probably not a bad idea for the NFL. I think the video of this incident is below. Here’s more from USA Today: An Ohio man accused of streaking across the field during a Browns game will no longer be able to set foot at the team’s Cleveland stadium as its administration has banned him from entering the property. The 20-year-old Anthony Saveriano on Wednesday was notified of the team’s decision…

September 28, 2013

BadJocks Readers Invited to Joins Us Sunday on to Share NFL Red Zone

Have you heard about Fandio? Of course not! It hasn’t officially launched yet, viagra generic order but it’s gonna be big. How big? Well think about what would happen if Facebook, cialis generic cialis Twitter AND Google had a baby. And Amazon and Apple were there to babysit. Now double that. THAT is how big Fandio is going to be. And you–because you’re a well-informed BadJocks reader–get to see it…

September 27, 2013

Texas State University Suspends Members of Marching Band Over Hazing

Hey Cornell! This is how you deal with hazing. Of course, discount cialis cure the administration at Texas State University could have followed the lead of the Big Red and suspended members of the marching band drum line accused of hazing NEXT SPRING when there aren’t any football games. But no, sildenafil sick they had to go all “traditional” and actually kept these morons off the field for this Saturday’s…

September 26, 2013

We’re Looking for #CornellLacrosse or #Cornell Jocks to Talk About Hazing Experiences

We’re hearing indirectly that the Cornell administration is trying to justify their weak punishment of the men’s lacrosse team (canceling a couple of off-season scrimmages) in the wake of their “drink ’til you puke” hazing incident as a result of it being a “one time, buy viagra recipe never happened before and won’t happen again” occurrence. Not surprisingly, malady we don’t believe that. There are plenty of examples of hazing…

September 26, 2013

Parents: Cornell University Values Its Reputation Over Your Children’s Safety

Dear Parents of Future Student-Athletes at Cornell University: As some of you may already know, cialis generic cialis last week the men’s lacrosse team at Cornell University was caught hazing its freshmen teammates and had their season suspended. Actually, no, they had their fall EXHIBITION schedule canceled. The real men’s lacrosse season is in the spring and the team was really only scheduled to play a couple of scrimmages this…

September 25, 2013

High School Suspends Cross Country Team From Own Home Meet Over Hazing Allegations

No details yet on this hazing incident, sildenafil sovaldi but it appears that the administration at Baldwinsville High School (NY) acted swiftly when provided with enough information to determine that hazing may have occurred on the cross country team. The result? The squad was banned from a meet it was hosting at the school this past weekend. Details from WSYR: According to a school spokesperson, athletes from the team shared…

September 23, 2013