BadJocks Update: Trial Starts for Dr. Phillips High School #Football #Hazing

You know, when this incident first happened last year, it was hard for us to tell if this was a real case of hazing, or just a family looking to make some money because their son got pushed around in the locker room. As you may recall, one of the first things the parents of the victim did was hold a press conference . . . quite an unusual move…

June 23, 2011

#Golfers Groped, Flashed, Nearly Smothered by “Promotional Models” & Their #Breasts During Corporate Tournament – #Australia

These ladies were hired by some publication called Darwin Life to entertain golfers on the 7th hole during a corporate tournament in Australia, and apparently the scantilly clad ladies when above and beyond the call of duty. Complaints from players about their behavior include being “”groped on the knackers” and “had (their) faces pushed on to the girls’ breasts”.  The girls may also have flashed a few lucky fellows. Additionally,…

June 22, 2011

HS Softball Player, 18: I Threw Myself at Assistant Coach, 59

The preliminary hearing for Thomas Powell, 59, former volunteer assistant softball coach at Rochester Adams High School (Michigan), did not go as well as he had planned. Not one, but two former players testified that they had sex with him, although at least one claimed she initiated everything and literally threw herself at him, and then went on to tell how they had school lunchtime sex at his house, in…

June 20, 2011

#German Women’s Soccer Team Poses for #Playboy to Show They’re Not “Butch”

“With these photos, we want to disprove the cliché that all female footballers are butch,” Germany midfielder Kristina Gessat told the magazine. Mission Accomplished! Link goes to story which has mildly Not Safe For Work Playboy cover pic, which then links to other pics from the magazine that are even a little more Not Safe For Work. You already clicked, didn’t you? Between this photo spread and Dirk leading the…

June 16, 2011

Top Five Things That Will Get You Kicked Out of the US Open

The prestigious US Open starts on Thursday and, while it doesn’t happen very often, players can get kicked out of the tournament for what appears to be no reason at all. #5 on the list? After an impressive putt for birdie, instead of high-fiving your caddy you give him a long, slow French Kiss. Read the full list at

June 15, 2011