Has Novelty Sports Betting Gone Too Far? Bookmaker offering odds on Pistorius murder trial

They say there are sports books in the United Kingdom that will take bets on anything: Oscar winners or losers, number of wardrobe malfunctions at the next Super Bowl halftime show . . . anything. But has one oddsmaker gone too far by taking a bet on the murder trial of a former athlete? Here’s more from Yahoo Sports: A bookmaker has opened themselves up for criticism after controversially offering…

February 28, 2014

GoodJocks: Caddies from Michigan earn full scholarship to college

GOLF, IL – Sam Dart’s mother has been fretting over the year 2015 ever since her husband died unexpectedly a decade ago. It is the year she will have three of her five children, including Sam, enrolled in college at once, a situation that will put additional stress on her already strained finances. Neither she nor Sam knew how he would be able to pay for college. They never would have…

February 12, 2014

Video: Seahawks fan surprises mom with Super Bowl tickets

Awwww. First, some details on the story from CBS Sports: Here’s a little backstory: The mom is a lifelong Seahawks fan and wanted to attend the team’s first NFC Championship game in 1983, but she couldn’t because she was pregnant with her son. The same son who bought the Super Bowl tickets. Super Bowl XL was out of the budget and the family had no plans to attend this year…

January 30, 2014

Great Infographic of 2013/2014 NFL Football Injuries

January 28, 2014

Click to enlarge image. As preparations for Super Bowl XLVIII get underway, hundreds of other players are settling in for a long offseason. Dozens of them will endure even longer stretches of downtime recovery and rehab from a host of injuries suffered during the season. As of Jan. 14, the NFL recorded more than 1,300 injuries to players throughout the 2013/2014 season, including significant damage to players’ upper leg, ankle…


Latest football news is right a click away

The following is a guest post from our friends at Kora.com: Internet offers unlimited information about anything and everything and sports holds very prominent place due to demands of ever hungry fans for information. Football is not just a game to its fanatics it’s a religion to them. Football fever is ever active and there are a number of websites dedicated to provide all the current happenings in the world…

January 28, 2014

Impacting the Game? How Locker Room Behavior Could Change Outcome of Dolphins Season

This story has been everywhere lately: one NFL lineman walks off the team because he feels he’s being harassed by other players, another is suspended by the team indefinitely for his alleged bullying behavior. Today, teammates of accused intimidator Richie Incognito swear the offensive lineman is NOT a racist . . . despite a leaked voice-mail message prominently featuring him dropping the N-word along with other abusive language. You can’t…

November 6, 2013

Video: High School Cheerleader Run Over by Team

This appears to have happened at Edna Karr High School (New Orleans, LA) where the pre-game tradition of the cheerleaders holding up a banner for the players to run through went terribly wrong. We doubt she’s going to make this same mistake again.

October 8, 2013

PA High School Investigating Hazing Incident Involving Water Polo Team

The water polo team? Really?  I guess everyone wants to get in on this hazing craze. We like how the superintendent repeated the phrase from the “Administrator’s Handbook on Denying Your School has a Hazing Problem” by talking about how these were “great kids” and that it was just something that “went too far.”  Way to follow the guidelines! Here’s more on the story from PA Home Page: Wyoming Valley…

October 4, 2013

Report: Columbia U Women’s Field Hockey Team Hazing Resulted in Frat Losing House

Thinks college sports hazings and Greek organizations on campus have nothing to do with each other? Not so fast! According to this report in the Columbia Spectator, the ladies from the field hockey team were going through their “annual ritual” of getting freshmen members drunk and parading them through a number of the fraternity houses on campus. But at the Zeta Beta Tau house, things took an ugly turn: one…

October 3, 2013