St. Joseph’s Softball Hazing: Team Releases Bold Statement in Light of Accusations

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April 7, 2015

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We originally reported this incident as St. John’s University and it is actually St. Joseph’s University. The women’s softball team took a bold stance this week in light of accusations that upperclassmen hazed new members of the team. First those accusations: sources close to the ongoing investigation say that the younger players given notes with written instructions from upperclassmen telling them that it was “Deliverance Week,” (reference to…


Video: Tornado at the 2015 Rose Bowl

Video: Tornado at the 2015 Rose Bowl
January 5, 2015

Well, a mini tornado, at least. And, it appears, it didn’t hit inside the stadium. But this was still a scary situation for those involved. Here’s more from the YouTube description: In Rose Bowl fanfest area on 12/31/14 setting up for the Chevron Game Day Chef Challenge Grand Finale Cook-Off when a ‘Dust Devil’ wreaks havoc. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured – including the ‘cow’.


Numberfire: 15 Fantasy Football Transactions for Week 2

The first thing I read Tuesday morning is this weekly column by JJ Zachariason. If you ever wonder why some fantasy football teams get better over a season and some get worse, a lot of it has to do with how they play the waiver wire (if they even play it, idiots). Some will improve slowly over the season, while others will wilt under the bye weeks and injury-plagued weeks…

September 9, 2014
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Do you own one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receivers on your fantasy team? You may want to reconsider that, bro. Here’s more from the article, Just How Bad Is the Chiefs’ Situation at Wide Receiver? Last year, the Chiefs surprised everyone when they started 9-0 after finishing 2-14 the previous season. The team relied heavily on strong defense and a great running game during that span, never…

September 3, 2014

From Tim Wright to New England: Should You Add Him in Fantasy Football?

So, the big trade news this week is the New England Patriots trading away one of their prized offensive lineman to Tampa Bay for a young tight end and a bag of magic beans. What is Bill Belichick up to this time? More importantly, what impact will it have on your fantasy football season? Here’s more from the NumberFire article “Tim Wright to New England: Should You Add Him in…

August 27, 2014

From NumberFire: Blind Résumés: Using Math to Compare Fantasy Football Pass-Catchers

NOTE: BadJocks is pleased to announce that we have a new partnership with the guys over at, the best fantasy sports site on the Web. We’ll be linking to some of their best content each week. Let us know what you think! Winning at fantasy football is all about being a mercenary and not letting home team loyalty or media impressions of a player sway your draft strategy. NumberFire…

August 21, 2014