Video: Italian Basketball Coach REALLY Hates to Lose

Gianmarco Pozzecco is the head coach of the Orlandina Basket basketball team in Italy. He unleashed an epic rant following a recent loss. And, while his honesty in this post game press conference is refreshing, it’s also a little bit disturbing at the same time. WARNING:  Not Safe For Work F-bomb subtitles

February 6, 2014

Video: Worst Super Bowl Pick EVER

You’re a big name doctor, going on national television to talk about healthy eating during the Super Bowl. Nice gig. The least you could do is know the teams who are playing. There are only two and–hint– neither one of them is the New England Patriots.

February 2, 2014

Video: MMA Fighter Wins in 8 Seconds With Brutal Kick to the Head

I don’t watch mixed martial arts fights as a part of my regular TV viewing, but I do catch highlights on occasion and this one caught my attention. Mostly because it was short. 8 seconds. Some people can belch longer than that.  But this guy (either David Maloley or John Lokhe: not sure but one is the knock-outer and the other is the knock-outee) lost a fight in that little time….

January 28, 2014

Video: Female Alabama Fan Attacks Oklahoma Fan During Sugar Bowl

By now, most of you know that Alabama lost 45-31 in one of the worst loses in the Nick Saban era. It happens though, but apparently some Alabama fans couldn’t take the smack talk from the Sooner faithful. The lady in the video, Michelle Pritchett, has since apologized for her actions but claims it had nothing to do with the loss, but that she was “protecting her son” . ….

January 7, 2014