Shocking Video: ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Ranting At Parking Lot Attendant

April 17, 2015

From our seemingly bottomless “Do You Know Who I Am?” Department files comes the latest minor celebrity to think their you-know-what doesn’t stick. In this case it is now suspended ESPN Reporter Britt “I’m on Television” McHenry who was caught on camera at an impound lot berating a female employee. Here’s more from the Daily Mail: The verbal attack on April 6 was captured on a security camera as she…


Video: Oregon Runner prematurely celebrates win, gets passed at finish line

April 14, 2015

Dumbass. Details from USA Today: During the men’s steeplechase race at the Pepsi Team Invitational, viagra buy troche Oregon’s Tanguy Pepiot thought he had the race all locked up. He coasted the last 100 meters or so, viagra sale and waving to the crowd, pills getting them all riled up for his win. He didn’t see Washington’s Meron Simon coming up behind him. As Pepiot waved to the crowd and…


Video: Bowling Green University Men’s Basketball Coach Filmed Touching Woman at Bar – Chris Jans

April 3, 2015

Looks like Bowling Green University will be needing a new men’s basketball coach. Here’s more on the incident from the Daily Mail: Bowling Green basketball coach Chris Jans has been fired for acting inappropriately during a drunken night out at a local bar.  The university took action after damning footage emerged of the coach touching an unidentified woman’s behind on March 21.  The married father-of-two was also accused of grabbing…


Video: Stupid German Hooligan Throwing Garbage Can At Riot Police Hits Own Mate Instead

March 23, 2015

Ah, viagra usa for sale soccer hooligans! Are there any better/worse sports fans in the entire world? Here’s the latest example of their stupidity. From the YouTube description: East German hooligans messing around with riot police after a low level 4th league match. One of the guys thought it might be a good idea to throw a garbage can at the police officers but well it didn’t went out like…


Video: Soccer Goalkeeper Knocked Out by Shot to the Head

March 10, 2015

Surprised this doesn’t happen more often in soccer.  Opposing player is close to the goal, discount cialis cheap takes a shot and nails the goalkeeper in the head with the ball. What’s the concussion protocol in this league? Here’s more from the YouTube Description: Poor old Lukas Kruse. His side lost 3-0 at home to Leverkusen and he got wiped out by Kiessling’s thunderous effort. It wasn’t a great afternoon…


Video: UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Breaks Web Show Host’s Ribs With Violent Judo Throw!

March 5, 2015

That will teach you to mess with the toughest woman in the world! Here’s more from the YouTube description: UFC Champion Ronda Rousey lays the smack down on reporter Aaron Tru after he failed to show her the proper respect. The result is 4 busted ribs. The Judo throw used is O Goshi, discount cialis decease but Ronda puts extra emphasis on the impact by landing on her opponent…


Video: Unbelievable Body Slam In a Soccer Game – Worcester City Vs Stockport County

February 24, 2015

Well, discount viagra click technically “over there” it would be a “football” game, health but if I had put football in the title you would have thought it was an American football game where body slams are much more common and then not clicked on the link to watch the video, right? So, apparently this happened over the weekend in a game between Worcester City and Stockport County. We’re assuming…