Video: Referee Tackled, Texas High School Football Players Intentionally Hit Referee From Behind

September 10, 2015

Have you seen this video? Two Texas high school football players were caught on video intentionally taking out a referee near the end of a game last weekend. At first, cialis buy cialis sale fans of the team were trying to say it was an accident (before the video came out) and once it was clear that they did it intentionally, generic the players reportedly claim the ref had used…


Video: Ronda Rousey Amateur MMA Debut

September 1, 2015

Here’s Ronda Rousey at her first mixed martial arts fight. Not much has changed, viagra usa troche has it? From the YouTube description: On August 6, cialis buy sovaldi 2010 Olympian Ronda Rousey made her MMA debut as an amateur for Combat Fight League’s Ground Zero. Her first opponent was Hayden Munoz. Don’t blink and make sure to follow this girl. She’s for real.


Video: Sprinter Usain Bolt Runover by Chinese Cameraman on Segway

August 31, 2015

What was that cameraman thinking! Apparently, viagra find about getting the shot and not worried about permanently disabling one of the greatest sprinters of all time! The incident happened last week at the at the World Championships in Beijing with Bolt getting a victory in the men’s 200 meters. Later Bolt received a bracelet from the cameraman as a way of saying “Sorry for nearly cutting off your legs. Here…


Video: De’Andre Johnson FSU Quarterback Punching Woman In The Face

July 8, 2015

Florida State University dismissed freshman quarterback De’Andre Johnson from their football team after video footage released earlier this week showed him punching a woman in the face at a bar in Tallahassee last month. The action begins about 20 seconds in. Don’t you just wonder what the woman said to him right before he punched her?


Video: Knicks Fans Lose Their Sh*t When Team Drafts Kristaps Porzingis In NBA Draft

June 26, 2015

For some odd reason, generic viagra viagra I don’t think they’re happy with that pick. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Tonight, cialis sale advice the New York Knicks picked Kristaps Porzingis number 4 overall in the NBA draft. Once the picked was announced in the Barclays center, New York Knicks fans lost their shit and started booing him and the Knicks organization. Just look at the utter disgust that…


Mexican Cheerleaders Perform Nazi-Themed Routine at Competition

June 15, 2015

You hear about something like this and you think, viagra buy capsule “Nah, it can’t be what they’re saying it is. Somebody just made a simple mistake, right?” Wrong. You can watch the video for yourself, but someone who does choreography for a cheerleading squad comprised of girls 10-16 in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, obviously flunked history. Or maybe they just took it in summer school and really didn’t…


Video: Head to Head Contact in Australian Rules Football Leads to Dual Knockout

May 18, 2015

We still consider this the most dangerous sport in the world . . . and loads of fun to watch! The original title for this video was “Nick Riewoldt head clash with Brodie Smith” which means nothing to us except these two guys probably wish they played a sport that required helmets. Here.s more from the YouTube description: Nick Riewoldt knocked out in head clash with Brodie Smith at the…


Video: Time Of My Life — Cavs Playoff Skit

May 12, 2015

Was this playoff skit by the Cleveland Cavaliers funny or sick? In it, cialis sales levitra   a man is seen battering his girlfriend for being a Bulls fan, ampoule then her becoming a Cavs fan as a result of the abuse, capsule at their last home game. Domestic violence is funny, right? I think the NBA needs to have a talk with the NFL about that one.