Lacrosse Players on Women’s College Team Suspended for Threatening . . . Teammates?

UMBC lacrosse players suspended
March 17, 2015

Five players of the University of Maryland Baltimore County women’s lacrosse team won’t be on the field this week.  Nope, they’re not injured, just suspended by the school for allegedly making death threats in some kind of group chat room.  The target of their threats? Freshmen players who the upper-class ladies (all sophomores, juniors an seniors) thought were getting to much playing time. Yup, we’re back to PT again. Brings…


Broom Handle Hazing Alleged on HS Baseball Team – Ardmore, OK

broom handle
February 23, 2015

Details are still sketchy, but it sounds like another classic case of foreign objects being shoved where they don’t belong in the locker room under the name of “team bonding.” Police is Ardmore, Oklahoma are investigating accusations that members of the Ardmore High School baseball team allegedly sexually assaulted a teammate with a broom handle last week. Here’s more from News 9: While the buses drove around with signs that…


Football Players From Kingston High School (NC) Arrested for BB Gun Hazing Incident

Kingston High School football players arrested for BB gun hazing
February 10, 2015

It’s all fun and games until someone forces you into a car and shoots you in the arm with a BB gun numerous times! Okay, so a couple of things odd about this alleged hazing incident at  Kinston High School in North Carolina. First, it involved four members of the football team, but it is obviously not football season. Second, the victim, Preston Burris, is 18-years-old, so probably a senior…


Three HS Football Players Face Sodomy Charges After Locker Room Hazing Incident – Principia School

missouri- hazing-mug-shots
February 2, 2015

The NFL season might be over, but the high school sports hazing season never ends. The latest example: three football players from Principia School in Missouri, two of whom face at least four charges of sodomy and the third seven charges of assault. The most striking line from this story from Fox 2? “Police say in court documents that two of the teens held down four victims and stuck something their…