Video: Fan at Dodgers Game Films Himself Catching Homerun Ball!

May 26, 2015

Talk about concentration! This guy know on YouTube as DodgerFilms is shooting a video from the stand with his buddies when a homerun ball comes his way. Not only does he manage to catch it, but he also records himself catching that. Unfortunately, you have to wade through about 2 and a half minutes worth of footage to get to it (fast forward to about 2:40 for the catch if…


Video: Guy Plays Table Tennis Every Day for a Year

May 15, 2015

How long would it take you to become an expert at something . . . anything? A year, maybe? How about an expert table tennis player? Watch this guy go from novice to expert in a year in this amazing video. Here’s more from the YouTube description: The Expert in a Year Challenge followed the progress of novice table tennis player Sam Priestley, as he attempted to go from beginner…


Video: Orioles and Yankees Fan Fight

April 17, 2015

It’s only April, but Major League Baseball fans are already brawling in mid-season form. Take a look at this clash from earlier in the week from the Yankees v. Orioles game. Video below, details from The Big Lead: The Yankees and Orioles wrapped up their first series of the year in Baltimore on Thursday night. At some point during the series, these two fans decided to throw down. The video…


Video: Paris-Roubaix cycling race interrupted by a train

April 13, 2015

Don’t know a lot of details about this video, but obviously it is a bicycle race somewhere in France and when the pack crosses a set of railroad tracks, half of them get caught behind the gates when a high speed passenger train comes by. You’d think they’d have rules for something like that, but then again it is cycling and also well, France.


Video: How to NOT Dunk over a CAR! DUNK FAIL!!! #SCNotTop10

March 31, 2015

Yeah, the title pretty much explains the video. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Well… Lloyd Hickinson has watched a little too much Team Flight Brothers… At least he redeemed himself.. .but man that was rough, Glad Lloyd is ok, He won the contest at the “Golden Chihuahua All-Star Game” in Mexico