Gator Football Player Arrested for . . . Barking at Police Dog?

July 22, 2013

An over reaction by the cops, or just stupidity for this young jock? It is his second arrested in the last couple of months. University of Florida (UF) linebacker Antonio Morrison was arrested Sunday morning for allegedly barking at a police dog while officers were responding to an unrelated dispute. His second arrest in two months has taken him off the field for at least two games. Morrison has been…


Say It Ain’t So: RG3 Involved in Sexting Scandal With Hooters Waitress?

Take one hot blonde Hooters waitress, add a high profile NFL quarterback who JUST GOT MARRIED, and add a dash of inappropriate sexting and you have all the makings of a world class scandal . . . assuming it’s all true, of course. You can see the pictures and read the full story from our friends at (We wouldn’t be surprised if TMZ Sports is all over this soon.)…

July 19, 2013

Former U of Florida Football Player Arrested for Leaving Daughter, 3, in Hot Car While He Went Into Strip Club

July 15, 2013

No, you probably don’t remember Monty R. Grow from his days playing for the Gators, but local police spotted him right away as the guy who left his kid in a car so he could go to a strip club. Unfortunately, he’s not the first man–or first former jock–to do this. Why don’t they just set up day car centers at gentlemen’s clubs? Problem solved! Thanks to WTSP for the…


Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football, Sent Home from Manny Passing Academy for Hard Partying

Nothing like a Heismann Trophy Winner to show up hungover to a football camp run by the most famous family in football: The Mannings. And we’re hearing that he was sent home by none other than Papa Manning himself: Archie. Our boots on the ground in Thibodaux, La. — believe it or not, we have them — informed us that Johnny Manziel was sent home from the Manning Passing Academy…

July 15, 2013

“So Painful, Painful in My Areas!” – Soccer Ref Files Lawsuit Over Groin Grab

Attackes on soccer referees are NOT uncommon. We’ve chronicled a few a them over the years. But usually they get punched or kicked by angry players, coaches or fans. This poor guy in Kenya though, first was allegedly kicked and hit by members of a youth soccer team (kids!)and then grabbed by the coach. And by “grabbed” we mean by the testicles and pulled down on. Apparently hard enough to…

April 24, 2013

ESPN’s OTL: Video Shows Rutgers B-Ball Coach Physically & Verbally Assaulting Players at Practice

UPDATE: Rutgers finally fired coach Rice yesterday. But what new evidence was there yesterday that they didn’t have back in December when they only suspended him a few games?  Should athletic director Tim Pernetti be next? EARLIER: Shades of Bobby Knight? Of course, college coaching is a tough, high pressure job and at times you’d have to be a saint NOT to curse at, or want to punch one of your…

April 3, 2013

Granny, 74, Banned From Rugby Sidelines for Abusing Officials, Rival Players

We’ve covered a lot of fans behaving badly in the past, but never anyone this old and seemingly harmless. But Lillian Mort, 74, is anything but harmless when it comes to her sideline antics at her local ruby team in Bridgend, South Wales in the UK. She is such a monster that she has now bee banned for three months from attending any other games. The final straw?When Lillian was…

March 21, 2013

Looking for True Funny News Stories?

If you’re looking for TRUE funny news stories, look no further than the Female teacher sex scandals? We got ’em. Parents behaving badly? Got those, too. Painful videos of people doing things they should really know better than to do? Oh yeah. The web’s best funny news stories are at the Dumbass Daily. Get your dumbass, daily.

February 13, 2013

Division III College Golf Coach Goes on F-Bomb Rant During Bus Ride Home, Later Gets Fired – Matt Mahanic

From the guys over at a Division III golf coach at Huntingdon College, a Methodist school in Montgomery, Ala., goes on one of the longest profanity rants we’ve ever heard. Not that we’ve heard a lot, but you know, some. Hey, what kind of profanity we hear is not the point here: this f*cking coach is at a Christian school and he probably just set a record for F-bombs per…

November 12, 2012

Video: UC Santa Barbara Soccer Player Taken Off Field in Handcuffs After Pushing Referee

And that was just the start of the fun. First, the Gauchos lost to rival UC Davis 2-1, and after the match the coach and several players were arguing with the referees when player  Peter “Don’t Call Me McGruff” McGlynn decided to get the attention of the referee by shoving him from behind and knocking him to the ground (although it looks like the ref took a bit of a dive…

October 30, 2012