Video: UMass Amherst Red Sox Riot 2013

What did the Red Sox World Series win look like on the campus of UMass Amherst? Like a riot, of course. Complete with riot police, tear gas and pepper balls. And some kind of inflatable bounce house for some reason.

October 31, 2013

TMZ – Ravens Jacoby Jones Hit in Head With Bottle on Party Bus by Stripper: Photo

September 24, 2013

Our friends at TMZ have the first photo of the stripper named Sweet Pea who allegedly hit Baltimore Ravens (and Dancing With the Stars) star, Jacoby Jones in the head with a gigantic Ace of Spades liquor bottle. According to witnesses there was a blood everywhere. Ev-er-y where! The good news: it sounds like the Ravens are following the NFL’s Concussion Protocol to help determine when Jones will be able…


State Trooper Assaulted, Has to Pull Gun to Break Up Fight Between Midget Football Cheerleaders

September 19, 2013

First off, no, these are not cheerleaders for football played by little people, or cheerleaders who are themselves little people. Midget football refers to leagues of kids who are typically pre-high school age. Now, on to the important stuff. It all happened last Sunday in North Middleton Township (PA) where an off-duty state trooper saw a fight occur between two cheerleaders during a kid’s football game and tried to break…


300 Teens Hold Party at Home of Former Patriot, Cause $20,000 in Damage

September 18, 2013

It’s the stuff of nightmares. You’re out of town for a few days, some kids break into your nice house and invite 300 of their closest friends over. The next thing you know you’re getting calls that your house has not only been broken into, but that these drunken punks have cause more than $20,000 worth of damage. Welcome to the reality of former New England Patriots offensive lineman Brian…


Video: Chiefs Fan Tasered by Cops

Not really much to see in this video but the guy on the ground with three cops on top of him and the guy recording it arguing with Arrowhead stadium security over whether he has the right to film the event. Details on the arrest of Trenton J. Karlin, 28, here.

September 17, 2013

Deadspin: Nebraska Football Coach Pellini to Husker Fans – “F*ck All of You!”

The guys at got their hands on some audio from two years ago of Nebraska football coach Bo “I Have a Job for Now” Pelini as he allegedly blasts fair-weather Husker fans and the media. He sure seems to enjoy dropping them f-bombs, doesn’t he? In the recording, Pelini is talking to Sharpe and to a woman whose identity we’ve been unable to determine. Pelini initially seems upset with…

September 17, 2013

Notre Dame Stadium Drink Cups Have Typo

September 5, 2013

Somebody’s gonna get fired over that. I’d be figthing mad if it happened to me! A spelling error on football stadium soft drink cups will forever mark this weekend’s Notre Dame game as the day of the ‘Figthing Irish.’ The typo was found on the 50-ounce cups sold at concession stands throughout Notre Dame Stadium, which boasts room for over 80,000 thirsty fans. The $8 cups quickly became fodder for…


HS Football Coach Arrested for Stealing Player’s Watch, Pawning it for $100

The real question is: what kind of kid still wears a watch (and an expensive one to boot) these days? They all just check their cell phones for the current time, assuming they’re not texting at tht time. Oregon City High School football coach Kevin Strasser was arrested Tuesday in connection with a watch that a former student reported as stolen last year. Strasser was charged with official misconduct and…

August 27, 2013

TMZ: Lamar Odom Missing for 72 Hours Since Wife Khloe Kardashian Threw Him Out

Real marital issues or a ratings ploy? Lamar Odom has gone missing, TMZ are reporting. The website claims that people close to the NBA star have been unable to find or contact him for the last 72 hours. The reports come after it was alleged that his wife Khloe Kardashian threw him out of the house on Wednesday. Lamar Odom ‘goes missing’ after being ‘kicked out of the house by…

August 25, 2013

High School Football Coach Arrested for Punching a Player – Lakeridge High School

August 23, 2013

Probably NOT the best coaching technique: a volunteer football coach at Lakeridge High School (OR) faces assault charges after he allegedly punched a player. Probably doesn’t help that he’s 6’7″ and about 270 lbs. Lake Oswego police arrested Michael James Cole Tuesday night. Cole came to the police station to talk to police following the incident and was arrested after questioning, according to Lake Oswego Sgt. Tom Hamann. According to…