Painful Sports Video: Chelsea Soccer Fans Prevent Black Man Boarding Paris Metro Train

February 18, 2015

While visiting London I had the chance to visit the Chelsea soccer stadium and took a tour of the facility. Seems like a great place to watch a match. But watching this sicking video makes me wonder the type of fans who fill those seats. Here’s more on the story from The Guardian: Amateur footage shows Chelsea football fans preventing a black man from boarding a Paris metro train shortly…


Court: HS Soccer Players Leaves Bench During Game, Kicks Rival in Face Breaking His Jaw

February 13, 2015

Tempers run hot in sports these days and apparently no hotter than in high school soccer in El Paso, viagra canada here Texas where Andress High School and Jefferson High School were playing a soccer game back on February 3.  At some point during the match, sildenafil store Edgar Perez of Jefferson, cialis sale and an unidentified player from Andress got into a physical altercation on the field and the…


Man Tells Cops Golf Clubs Were Stolen, Wanted Wife to Buy Him New Set

February 10, 2015

Okay, buy cialis illness so we’re not going to say that Joseph Louis Ioime of Ocala, sildenafil FL had a bad plan. But he had a bad plan. Last weekend, Ioime, 64, met with police at the Baseline Golf Course and told the cops that his golf bag and golf clubs–worth over $2,000–had been taken from his car while it was in the parking lot. While the officer was completing his…


Girls HS Basketball Coach Loses Game, Gets All Bitey

February 5, 2015

Hey coach! Maybe You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Have a Snickers . . . or maybe just nibble on someone’s face. Apparently yelling at, discount viagra pharmacy and/or punching someone else is not enough to let coaches express their emotions these days. Now, viagra generic pharm it seems, prescription it’s all about the biting. A couple of weeks ago we read a story about a high school hockey coach,…


Is Video of Seahawks Fan Destroying TV After Super Bowl Loss Fake?

February 4, 2015

There are sore losers, cialis generic pills and there are sore losers . . . and then there’s this guy. The real question is: is it fake? The guy starts out in a stance to make a run, and when he hits the “TV” is obviously an old projection unit worth maybe $9 on the open market today. Also, the other two people you can see in the shot also…


Video: What the NFL Didn’t Want You to See – Doug Baldwin End Zone “Crapping on the Ball” TD Celebration

February 3, 2015

Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks caught a touchdown pass during the Super Bowl on Sunday, cialis doctor something not many people can claim to have done. And yet, best viagra viagra when it came time to celebrate this momentous occasion, Baldwin chose to throw the ball to the ground, walk over to it, pretend to pull his pants down and poop either out or on the football. That’s right,…


Korean Swimmer Fails Drug Test, Comes Up With New Excuse

January 27, 2015

Meet South Korean Olympic swimming champ Park Tae-hwan. Park became the first South Korean ever to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming when he took the men’s 400-meter freestyle race at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and later added a silver medal in the 200-meter freestyle. Park, cialis generic patient 25, cialis usa is also the most decorated South Korean in the history of the Asian Games with a total…