Shocking Video: ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Ranting At Parking Lot Attendant

ESPN's Britt McHenry on video berating tow truck company employee
April 17, 2015

From our seemingly bottomless “Do You Know Who I Am?” Department files comes the latest minor celebrity to think their you-know-what doesn’t stick. In this case it is now suspended ESPN Reporter Britt “I’m on Television” McHenry who was caught on camera at an impound lot berating a female employee. Here’s more from the Daily Mail: The verbal attack on April 6 was captured on a security camera as she…


HS Teacher Arrested for Disturbance at Basketball Game

March 6, 2015

Over the years, we’ve reported on any number of players and coaches who have been arrested at high school sporting events. Occasionally, we even have parents and fans who get in trouble with the law at games. But a teacher who’s not also a coach? How fired up would you need to be to get into a fight with police while supporting your team? That’s a question for Leslie A….


UK Soccer Mascot Gets 1 YR Prison Term for Sex With Girl, 16

Castleford Tigers mascot
February 24, 2015

Twelve days. If Robert Dillon, 26, could have only waited 12 more days he wouldn’t be heading off to jail in Britain this week. He’d be a free man with a day job as a math teacher, a cool weekend gig as a soccer mascot for the Castleford Tigers (right) and a 16 -year-old girlfriend. But either he didn’t understand the laws in the United Kingdom regarding teachers having relationships with…


Painful Sports Video: Chelsea Soccer Fans Prevent Black Man Boarding Paris Metro Train

Painful Sports Video: Chelsea Soccer Fans Prevent Black Man Boarding Paris Metro Train
February 18, 2015

While visiting London I had the chance to visit the Chelsea soccer stadium and took a tour of the facility. Seems like a great place to watch a match. But watching this sicking video makes me wonder the type of fans who fill those seats. Here’s more on the story from The Guardian: Amateur footage shows Chelsea football fans preventing a black man from boarding a Paris metro train shortly…


Court: HS Soccer Players Leaves Bench During Game, Kicks Rival in Face Breaking His Jaw

February 13, 2015

Tempers run hot in sports these days and apparently no hotter than in high school soccer in El Paso, Texas where Andress High School and Jefferson High School were playing a soccer game back on February 3.  At some point during the match, Edgar Perez of Jefferson, and an unidentified player from Andress got into a physical altercation on the field and the Andress bench cleared to join in the…


Man Tells Cops Golf Clubs Were Stolen, Wanted Wife to Buy Him New Set

Jospeh Ioime mug shot
February 10, 2015

Okay, so we’re not going to say that Joseph Louis Ioime of Ocala, FL had a bad plan. But he had a bad plan. Last weekend, Ioime, 64, met with police at the Baseline Golf Course and told the cops that his golf bag and golf clubs–worth over $2,000–had been taken from his car while it was in the parking lot. While the officer was completing his report, he noticed a…