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Official Blood Alcohol Content
(BAC) Rankings

Sports figures arrested for drunk driving or just being drunk in public. No jocks were harmed in the making of this list.

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Welcome to the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings!

How does a young college star, pulled over for his first drunk driving arrest compare to some of the all time greats? How "good" is a BAC of .25% anyway? Well, now you have a way to compare your favorite drunken athlete with others who have gone before him.

Below is a list of alleged public drunks or drunk drivers from the sports world. If you are aware of any that aren't listed here please and be sure to put "BAC Rankings" in the subject line. Before you dash off that e-mail message though, we have established several guidelines to be part of this ranking; 

  1. The person must be a national athlete, coach, owner, manager or affiliated in some way with sports.
  2. Reported BAC levels must be able to be verified in a legitimate news source. Current website links are preferred.
  3. No minors, please. (That's under 18, even though the legal drinking age is 21.)
  4. Contestants must not have killed or seriously injured themselves, or others, in the process.
  5. In case of a tie, stupidity will likely lead to a higher ranking.
  6. The rulings of the BAC Committee are final. There is no appeals process and your stuck with your BAC Ranking until we say otherwise.

External resource for help identifying and treating alcoholism.



Name Sport or Affiliation Date of Incident Reported BAC* Special Note
1 Lary Sorensen (He also owns the #4 spot and is tied for the #17 spot) Former Detroit Tigers broadcaster February 2, 2008 0.48% Police officers picked up Sorensen after he was found in a parked car in Roseville, Michigan. The former major league pitcher is alleged to have had a blood-alcohol level of 0.48 before he was taken to a hospital for treatment. He was then jailed for allegedly violating a probationary sentence from a previous drunken driving conviction.
2 Carly Cross Field Hockey Player for Frostburg State U. December 3, 2004 0.365% Although Cross was ticketed for underage drinking, she and several other victims claim to have been forced to drink liquor and beer as part of a "Christmas buddy" party by other upper-class members of the field hockey team during a bizarre hazing ritual.
3 Andrew Pointon Professional Golfer May 7, 2002 0.36% He's reported as having four and a half times the UK legal limit when arrested for drunk driving.
4 Lary Sorensen Former Detroit Tigers broadcaster October 16, 1999 0.35% While out on bail for this drunk driving arrest, he was pulled over again and blew a 0.24%. (See below)
5 Curtis Leskanic Former MLB player September 15, 2011


Cops found his five-year-old daughter passed out asleep, unrestrained, in the passenger seat of Leskanic's pick-up[ truck.
T6  Ike Whitaker Virginia Tech wide receiver October 3, 2008


Arrested partying with friends after being suspended from the team by coach for missing a team meeting, told to transfer somewhere else.
T6 Unnamed Jackson Community College (Michigan) basketball player Junior college basketball player March 27, 2008


The excerpt is from the original story in the Jackson Citizen Patriot:

Three JCC baseball players were arrested, two for marijuana possession, and a third for fleeing and eluding. Nineteen people -- including 11 student-athletes -- were cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol. One woman was seen outside the apartment wearing only a T-shirt and her underwear. A male JCC basketball player -- whose blood-alcohol level was 0.33 percent -- was found wearing a pink nightie and thong underwear and sent to Foote Hospital to detoxify.

T7 Nicole Lorigan Member of Lehigh Women's Swim Team September 12, 2007


Lorigan was busted along with 18 other members of the Lehigh swim team when cops busted a pre-season party at the apartment of two of her teammates. Her high BAC concerned officers and earned her a trip to the hospital.
T7 Lary Sorensen Former Detroit Tigers broadcaster October 30, 2004


His 6th drunk driving arrest and a probation violation, Lary could go to prison for this one.
T7 Bob Probert NHL star July 15, 1994 0.31% In addition to drunk driving, cops also suspect he had cocaine in his system when he wrecked his motorcycle!
T7 JaRon Rush Former UCLA basketball player May 21, 2002 0.31% With a BAC over.30, he had to taken to the hospital.
8 Darren Wilkins Head soccer coach. at Lee Middle School (Florida)  March 20, 2008 0.306% Arrested on his way home from a soccer game, was also charged with resisting arrest.
T9 - NEW! Riley Sheahan Hockey player for Detroit Red Wings minor league team October 29, 2012 0.30% He was not only arrested under the State of Michigan's Super Drunk Driver Law (BAC of .17% or higher) but cops say at the time of arrest he was carrying an older teammate's ID and was wearing a purple Teletubbies costume while driving his Jeep on a Grand Rapids street. He could be deported if convicted.
T9 Lynn Miernicki Curling fan Dec. 21, 2000 0.30% His family is suing because he fell down a flight of stairs at a curling club and claims the place should have stopped serving he before he had 20 to 25 bottles of beers!
10 Philip Padilla Boys basketball coach, Van Meter High School, Iowa May 29, 2005 0.285% Police reports showed the truck Padilla was driving entered a ditch and struck an embankment. In 2006 he was also accused of having an inappropriate relationship female student.
11 Kevin Grady U of Michigan football player July 2, 2008 0.281% Arrested driving a a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali just before 2 a.m
12 Brandon L. Hefflin U of Toledo football player January 19, 2003 0.28% Arrested at a bar, he was taken to a hospital where he threw a portable urinal at an officer and tried to flee police.
13 Debbie Rahal Wife of Indy champ Bobby Rahal July 10, 1999 0.27% According to the Columbus Dispatch, she had her kids in the car with her at the time of her drunk driving arrest. (Submitted by David K. Singh)
14 Jim McMahon Former Bears Quarterback November 9, 2003 0.261% During the drunk driving sobriety test, reportedly told officers, 'I'm too drunk. You got me.'"


Roberta Santos Florida Gulf Coast University's All-Atlantic Sun Conference first-team setter November 28, 2007


Arrested while driving near campus, Santos allegedly became upset when she wasn't allowed to use the phone at the jail and tried to urinate on the cops. She missed. 


Unnamed Racine, Wisconsin Drunk Miniature Golfer October 3, 2004


A 19-year-old Racine man and his friend were arrested Oct. 3 on allegations of underage drinking and disorderly conduct after they stole a bucket of golf balls from Mulligan's Mini Golf, threw the balls at each other and then used their golf clubs as swords and "fenced." A breath test showed a blood-alcohol level of 0.26 for the Racine man and 0.17 for his friend. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)


John Abraham  New York Jets defensive lineman October 1, 2003 0.26% He plead guilty to the lesser charge of driving while impaired and  avoided the jail time he could have faced if convicted of drunk driving.


Ingrida Sabonis Wife of former Blazersí center Arvydas Sabonis December 2000 0.26% Her second drunk driving offense in less than a year, her BAC in the first arrest was only 0.23%, but she was on the way to pick up the kids from school. 


Lily Miller "Friend" of Cleveland Indians pitcher Scott  Sauerbeck May 2006


Miller was at the wheel of a car owned by the married Sauerbeck when the two were pulled over for DUI and tried to run from the cops and hide in the bushes in a residential neighborhood. Sauerbeck claims he was just trying to "do the right thing."


Blaise MacDonald Massachusetts-Lowell hockey coach

June 2007

0.25% MacDonald was found passed out in his SUV in front of some condos at 9 o'clock in the evening.


Reginald "Reggie" M. Wilson Assistant football coach for the Easton Area High School, in PA September 2004 0.25% Coach Wilson was on the sidelines the same night he was arrested about an hour and 25 minutes after the game was over.


Michael Schilling HS girls basketball coach August 2003 0.247% In addition to drunk driving, he was also charged with one count each of marked lanes and seat belt violations.


Bernard Gilkey Former Atlanta Braves outfielder October 2000 0.247% Got jail time for being a persistent drunk driver.
19 Brad Smith HS wrestling coach, Iowa City July 2, 2010


Smith, 56, was charged with drunken driving and driving the wrong way down a one-way street on July 2 in Coralville. According to the arrest report, Smith was driving on Highway 965 in Coralville just after midnight on July 2. Police said he was southbound in the northbound lanes between Commerce Drive and Holiday Road and was headed toward a marked North Liberty Police Department squad car.
  T20 - NEW! Justin Blackmon Oklahoma State football star, Top Ten NFL Draft Pick in 2012 June 3, 2012 0.24% Blackmon, the Jacksonville Jaguar's first pick in the 2012 NFL draft was arrested after cops saw him doing 60 in a 35 MPH zone. At three times the legal limit, he faces possible felony aggravated DUI charges in Oklahoma.



Mitch Ohnstad Minnesota's Mr. Basketball - 1996

February 2005


A two-season letter winner for the Minnesota Gophers in 1998-2000, Mitch was arrested for drunken driving in Lakeville on Feb. 27. It was his third DWI-type offense since March 1999.


Lary Sorensen Former Detroit Tigers broadcaster November, 1999


Lary was out on bail for an earlier drunk driving arrest where he blew an even more impressive 0.35% BAC when he was arrested for this DUI.


Clark Haggans  Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker

June 21, 2003


Haggans was arrested for drunk driving in the north-Denver suburb of Federal Heights after police said there was a confrontation passengers in two vehicles. 
  T20 Jon Garrido High school football fan September 2003 0.24% 18-year-old fan ran onto field and hit coach and several players with a stick
T20 Charles Woodson Oakland Raiders DB May, 2000 0.24% Arrested during own charity golf tournament
21 Jeff Garcia SF 49ers QB January 2004 0.237% Drunk driving arrest occurred when he was leaving the campus of San Jose State University and forced to give field sobriety test in a Jack-in-the-Box parking lot.
T22  Steve Foley   San Diefo Chargers linebacker Sept. 3, 2006 0.233% Foley was arrested after being shot outside his home following a violent confrontation with an off duty police officer in the early morning hours.
T22 James Beattie British Soccer Player September, 2002 0.233% Had a designated driver but decided to move car anyway.
T23 Marcus Dove Oklahoma State basketball player July 15, 2007 0.23% Dove was arrested on drunken driving charges that were upgraded to aggravated drunken driving.
T23 Dennis Erickson Former Seattle Seahawks Coach April, 1985 0.23% Thanks to the Jim Rome Show and The Smoking Gun for their assistance. 


Joe Bernard Fairfield University Football Coach

November 22, 2001


Crashed his car into five parked cars Thanksgiving Day before being arrested for drunk driving.


Ed Podolak Former Iowa football star current(?) radio broadcaster

September, 1997


Arrest Info

The Official BadJocks "How Many Drinks Did They Have?" Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Estimator

Okay, so Joe Superstar gets pulled over for a DUI and blows a .22% on the breathalyzer. What exactly does that mean? Is there any way to tell if they had just one drink or a whole keg? The chart below gives you an estimated percent of alcohol in the blood by number of drinks in relation to body weight. This percent can be estimated by:

  1. Locate the perpetrator's estimated body weight in the first column on the left.

  2. Follow across to the left until you find the BAC the cops say they blew. 

  3. Follow that column back up to the top row to see how many drinks they would have had to consume in an hour to achieve that BAC. (Remember: 1 drink equals 1 ounce of 100-proof liquor, one five ounce glass of table wine or one 12-ounce bottle of regular beer) 

  4. And you're done! Wasn't that fun?

NOTE: The Official BadJocks "How Many Drinks Did They Have?" BAC Estimator is for entertainment purposes only. Your BAC may vary.

Back to Rankings

Number of Drinks

Body weight 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
100 lb. .038 .075 .113 .150 .188 .225 .263 .300 .338 .375 .413 .450
110 lb. .034 .066 .103 .137 .172 .207 .241 .275 .309 .344 .379 .412
120 lb. .031 .063 .094 .125 .156 .188 .219 .250 .281 .313 .344 .375
130 lb. .029 .058 .087 .116 .145 .174 .203 .232 .261 .290 .320 .348
140 lb. .027 .054 .080 .107 .134 .161 .188 .214 .241 .268 .295 .321
150 lb. .025 .050 .075 .100 .125 .151 .176 .201 .226 .251 .276 .301
160 lb. .023 .047 .070 .094 .117 .141 .164 .188 .211 .234 .258 .281
170 lb. .022 .045 .066 .088 .110 .132 .155 .178 .200 .221 .244 .265
180 lb. .021 .042 .063 .083 .104 .125 .146 .167 .188 .208 .229 .250
190 lb. .020 .040 .059 .079 .099 .119 .138 .158 .179 .198 .217 .237
200 lb. .019 .038 .056 .075 .094 .113 .131 .150 .169 .188 .206 .225
210 lb. .018 .036 .053 .071 .090 .107 .125 .143 .161 .179 .197 .215
220 lb. .017 .034 .051 .068 .085 .102 .119 .136 .153 .170 .188 .205
230 lb. .016 .032 .049 .065 .081 .098 .115 .130 .147 .163 .180 .196
240 lb. .016 .031 .047 .063 .078 .094 .109 .125 .141 .156 .172 .188

Red Boxes: Over the legal limit of .08, common in many states.

Source - NHTSA chart, with modifications

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Affect on Motor Skills
  • At .020 light to moderate drinkers begin to feel some effects.
  • At .040 most people begin to feel relaxed.
  • At .060 judgment is somewhat impaired, people are less able to make rational decisions about their capabilities (eg. driving).
  • At .080 there is a definite impairment of muscle coordination and driving skills; this is legal level for intoxication in some states.
  • At .10 there is a clear deterioration of reaction time and control; this is legally drunk in most states.
  • At .120 vomiting usually occurs. Unless this level is reached slowly or a person has developed a tolerance to alcohol.
  • At .150 balance and movement are impaired. This blood-alcohol level means the equivalent of 1/2 pint of whiskey is circulating in the blood stream.
  • At .300 many people lose consciousness.
  • At .400 most people lose consciousness; some die.
  • At .450 breathing stops; this is a fatal dose for most people

Source -

* BAC levels are as reported by local law enforcement personnel at the time of arrest. Guilt nor innocence is implied by this level, 
but is solely for comparison and entertainment purposes only.

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