How You Can Maintain Thick and Healthy Hair

How you can maintain thick and healthy hair

There’s a lot of confusion about what really keeps your hair in great condition. These healthy hair tips and tricks will help bust the rumors and let you grow your hair while keeping it fantastically healthy.

Stay away from shampoos that contain sulphates, alcohol or silicone

Sulphates remove the natural oils in your hair and dry it out while silicones create a coating which weighs the hair down. You should use natural shampoos which are silicone and sulphate free.

Trim your hair regularly

By giving your hair regular trims you can stop the ends from getting damaged and allow it to grow faster. This also keeps it looking healthy too. Your hairdresser recommends that you take off about an inch every few months to help stop split ends.

Oil your hair

You should apply oil to your hair each week to keep it in great condition. By using an oil that contains vitamin E and other omega acids, your hair will grow well and stay healthy. Castor oil is a great oil for your hair and can be mixed with other oils such as almond or coconut.

Don’t over wash it

One of the lesser known healthy hair tips and tricks that many people get wrong. By washing your hair too frequently you remove the essential oils and dry out your hair. Your hair needs these nutrients to stay shiny and healthy. Ideally wash your hair 2-3 times a week but no more.

Stay away from heat

Using straighteners and curling irons can ruin your hair if you’re not careful. The heat damages the hair and makes it brittle and more prone to falling out.

Reduce stress

It’s been proven that stress causes both hair thinning and hair loss. Stress can interrupt the natural cycle of hair growth and cause it to fall out prematurely. Be sure to find a way to reduce stress such as meditating and relaxing daily.

Be careful when brushing

By constantly brushing your hair you can damage it and cause it to thin. Use a brush with wide teeth that doesn’t pull too much and separates the hair without causing damage. Being gentle when brushing is also important so that you don’t accidentally pull out hairs or damage your scalp.

Scalp massaging

By massaging your scalp you help to increase blood flow which stimulates growth. If you massage and apply deep conditioner at the same time you’ll achieve some great results and get shiny, thick and strong hair.

Eating well

A quick way to fix damaged hair is to eat well. Your hair and body needs a balanced mix of vitamins and nutrients to function well. Hair needs a lot of different vitamins to grow and stay strong. These vitamins include A, B, C and E as well as zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and selenium.

Foods that you should eat to keep your hair healthy are milk, chicken, eggs, spinach, avocado and fish among many others.