Where Do You Go for Basketball News?

InsideHoopsThe great thing about this Internet is that there is information EVERYWHERE. The problem with the Internet sometimes is that there’s information EVERYWHERE . . . if you know what I mean. You can drive yourself crazy surfing from one site to the next trying to get the latest tidbit, photo, or video. We’re still a few months away from the start of basketball season, but when the time comes where will you go for your basketball information? Here are a few sites I turn to.

First off, if you are an NBA fan, you have to go to NBA.com. Hands down the best site for everything happening in the National Basketball Association. Sure, some of the news is “laundered” a bit by the league, but this is usually the place I go to get the first word on player trades, news, and injuries. After that, I check out ESPN’s NBA page, which sometimes will actually scoop the league’s official page on a story. Both of those are good places to go for professional basketball info.

If you are just looking for information about basketball as a sport (pros or amateurs) I also like InsideHoops.com which covers everything from the NBA down to streetball. If there’s a hoop and a round ball involved, they have it covered! There are certainly flashier websites out there, but this is one of my go-tos during the season. If you’re looking for something with a little more opinion and gossip, I’d check out BasketballInsiders.com. They have some of the leading edge thinking and ideas about the sport, but it does focus only on the pros.

For a really eclectic website on basketball, check out Reddit.com’s basketball page at reddit.com/r/basketball.  If you are not familiar with Reddit, it consists of user-submitted links to stories, photos and videos and can be a great source for breaking news. Here you will find the truly off-beat basketball stories and it’s updated constantly, so it never gets old. The most popular stories rise to the top and you can sign up to submit your own. While it does link to some traditional media, you will also find links to stories from around the globe and, after all, isn’t b-ball now an international phenomena?

And finally, what story about basketball would be complete without information on fantasy basketball, one of the more popular fantasy sports? I like Yahoo’s fantasy website overall, and their basketball page in particular.  It’s nothing fancy, but they make it easy to join or create a league and play against other NBA fans throughout the season. If you haven’t tried fantasy sports in the past, you may want to give it a try this season and see if it enhances your appreciation of the game. I know it has mine.

What’s your favorite source of basketball information?