Video: Orioles and Yankees Fan Fight

It’s only April, but Major League Baseball fans are already brawling in mid-season form. Take a look at this clash from earlier in the week from the Yankees v. Orioles game.

Video below, details from The Big Lead:

The Yankees and Orioles wrapped up their first series of the year in Baltimore on Thursday night. At some point during the series, these two fans decided to throw down. The video title says it is an Orioles and a Yankees fan, so I’m going to assume Bro #1 wearing the sweatshirt is the Orioles fan based on his buddies and Bro #2 wearing the collared shirt is the Yankees fan based on the fact that somebody has to be the Yankees fan or the video title would be a damn lie.

BREAKDOWN: Bro #1 accepts an invitation to shove Bro #2 and Bro #2 turns his head to say something along the lines of “get a load of this jerk.” Bro #2 fires back by grabbing Bro #1 by his non-existent lapels. Then Bro #1 breaks out all the fighting tricks. He starts with a Muay Thai clinch and then pulls Bro #2’s shirt over his head like it’s a hockey fight. Then he just punches him in the head a few times while Bro #2 laughs like a crazy person. Then security shows up and drags everyone away.