Female Winner of the GO! St. Louis Marathon Disqualified for Cheating

Kendall Schler - Marathon CheaterThere has to be a special place in Hell for these kinds of people, diagnosis don’t you think? Here you are, training for months, possibly years, to run a marathon and you think you’re winning when suddenly someone else who you’ve never seen the entire race is in front of you and crossing the finish line first. They get the prize money, they get the glory, and they qualify for the Boston Marathon.

That is, until race officials look into it.  Details from Fox2Now:

The first woman to finish the GO! St. Louis Marathon has been disqualified after race officials determined she did not run the entire course, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Thursday.

As a result of the disqualification, runner Kendall Schler has been pulled from next week’s Boston Marathon and will no longer be allowed to run in any more GO! St. Louis races.

Race officials said Schler, a Columbia resident, did not post any times on the 26.2-mile route. Nancy Lieberman, president of GO! St. Louis, doubts Schler even ran the entire race in 2014 either.