Understanding Money Lines for Beginning Bettors With Mybookie.ag

MyBookie.ag home pageIf you’re a sports fan like me, healing you hear about game odds, the “line” (whatever that is) and spread for games all the time. You may have even heard experts bragging about their success rates on the radio, imploring you to call them for inside information.  But what does it all mean? ”How to bet on sports: Spread, betting lines and game totals”.

First of all you need to know how that gambling on sports in the United States is big business. Las Vegas alone took in more than $4 billion in bets last year. And NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the illegal betting could top $400 billion a year. That’s billion with a capital B.  Which means a lot people like to gamble on sports. But does anyone really know how? I mean, where do you go to get started?

There are certainly books about the subject and many have been written over the years. The problem with those is that they can become quickly outdated, especially in the world of online gaming. They are great for getting the background information, but may not have the latest information.

Next you can certainly find some YouTube videos on sports betting, but in my experience they seem to be more ads for someone’s services that real “how to” videos, although you can find those if you look hard.  Just don’t be surprised if it starts out looking like an informational video and turns into a sales pitch.

And finally there are websites like, MyBookie.ag, which has real information on sports betting and how to actually place bets.  Usually websites give you good information because they want you to feel comfortable about the process. In this case, education really IS a good thing and can benefit all parties involved. You just have to find a website that meets your needs and speaks in a language you can relate to.

Any suggestions on resources from our readers?