Mediocre Golf Association Exclusive Merchandise for “The Masters” Now Available

bastardsWe got this in the mail today and at the very least, case the logo made us laugh! And we’re nothing here at BadJocks but easily manipulated. So here’s their entire press release:

(San Francisco / March 31, 2015) – Mediocre Golf Association, the amateur specialty league that celebrate its’ members unremarkable scorecard showings on the links, announces a brand new collection of merchandise to celebrate one of the most famous Golf Tournaments in the world for the 2015 season, now available for pre-order.

“The year 2015 begins a new era in our branded merchandise”, said MGA co-founder Jon Morley. “Since the dawn of mediocritization, we have always wanted to offer medios some unique gear that really represents the MGA, but we’ve never made it happen. Now, we have the ultimate gear to celebrate the inability to not only never play Augusta, but never be allowed within miles of The Masters! We teamed up with Todd Huber from Long Beach MGA, and let’s just say this dude is making it happen!”

In conjunction with the MGA’s expansion plans for 2015, a range of merchandise is being offered for the first time since the league’s inception in 2006. T-shirts, caps, and koozies will be on offer, bearing unique designs for each of the eight MGA regular season events.

“Every month, Todd will release a set of designs inspired by next months MGA tournament,” said Morley. “Some will offend and some will inspire, but all will be on quality shirts and hold true to the MGA believe that golf is awesome when awesome people are playing it.”

When a pre-sale order period for each design begins, a big red button will appear on the right side of the MGA’s home page that will link directly to the new products.

Merchandise from past tournaments can be ordered anytime at

A Brief History

The MGA was founded in San Francisco in 2006 by Jon “Lucky Kick” Morley and “Straight” Willie Dills. The Bastards was our first and only event in 2006. It had four entrants and was won by “Lucky Kick” himself. In 2007 and 2008, the MGA ran multi-tournament seasons in the bay area, before launching our first expansion chapter in Seattle in March of 2009. From there the MGA exploded world-wide, based solely on word of mouth and a strict adherence to our no-douche policy. We hope to continue that growth in 2015 as we build the world’s biggest kinda-secret network of people you’d actually want to golf with.

MGA Mission Statement

The Mediocre Golf Association is the official golf association for the other guys. Our goal is to unite golfers all over the world and allow them to play the game of golf as it was intended. Badly. The MGA does not discriminate with handicaps; it encourages players of all skill levels, except those with skill levels higher then ours. If you are a good golfer, move along, there’s nothing for you to see here. If you are everyone else on the planet, you’ve found your people. Welcome. Enjoy your stay and remember that golf is fun, especially when you’re mediocre.

Making fun of people who are better than us since 2006.

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