Lacrosse Players on Women’s College Team Suspended for Threatening . . . Teammates?

UMBC lacrosse players suspendedFive players of the University of Maryland Baltimore County women’s lacrosse team won’t be on the field this week.  Nope, look they’re not injured, store just suspended by the school for allegedly making death threats in some kind of group chat room.  The target of their threats? Freshmen players who the upper-class ladies (all sophomores, juniors an seniors) thought were getting to much playing time.

Yup, we’re back to PT again. Brings out the devil in some people, doesn’t it? Here’s more from CBS:

What’s surprising is these young women were apparently directing these threats at their own teammates. They were apparently frustrated that the freshman girls were getting more playing time. On the field, UMBC’s female lacrosse players work as a team to take down their opponents. But newly revealed group text messages show some of the team’s veteran players with an apparent bitter jealousy over their freshman teammates. UMBC officials say five players–all sophomores, juniors or seniors–wrote vicious posts about their younger teammates in a group text chat titled “Sophomores Rule.”
They posted things like, “Can we just kill them?” and “Kill the freshman.” One girl wrote that during practice she’s “aiming for her [teammate’s] shins and then I’ll aim for her red hair and head.” So frustrated with how the freshman are treated, one player wrote: “Take down the coaches.”
“It isn’t who UMBC is at all and certainly is disappointing,” said Tim Hall, UMBC.
UMBC Athletic Director Tim Hall tells WJZ the women’s team practices were immediately changed so players had little or no physical contact while the school investigated. Days later, all five girls were indefinitely suspended from the team.
Some frustrated parents argue UMBC should have expelled those girls altogether.
Valcourt: “There have been some concerns raised that perhaps the discipline didn’t go far enough, that those concerns weren’t taken seriously. How do you respond to that?”
Hall: “I think it was taken seriously.”