Tuesday Trading Bloodbath in the NFL is Going to Mess With My Fantasy Team This Year

NFL logoLook, I never claimed to know every player on every team in the NFL. Not like some of the know-it-alls that I play fantasy football with. But I knew enough of the big names players, their teams, and the impact they had on those teams to draft and play competitively.

Until yesterday.

When the NFL went completely nuts and started trading players like they were on sale. Okay, well maybe some of them were on sale–or at least deeply discounted for a limited time only–but for the most part the trades seemed mostly just to confuse fans.

The Eagles trade Nick Foles to the Rams for Sam Bradford. Why? How does that help anybody? The Saints send Jimmy Graham–arguably one of the greatest tight ends in the modern era of tight ends–to the Seahawks, a team that threw the ball TWICE all of last season (and once was on the 1 yard line at the end of the Super Bowl)? Am I the only one who thinks this is all being done intentionally to mess with fantasy football players?

At least the NFL gave us a year off to adjust to Peyton Manning going from being with the Colts since high school and moving over to the Broncos at the age of 70. Now, not only do we have players being traded for no reason, going to teams that make no sense, it all happened in one day. Not even a whole day: like the span of 15 minutes.  Heck, the way that Chip Kelly is trading players, you’d think HE was playing fantasy football. At this rate, the most common phrase uttered by broadcasters next season during games will be “Another touchdown by former Eagle . . . “.

And don’t get me started with the retirements!  Since when can the entire 49ers defense retire in one day? Has that ever happened before in the history of the NFL? Does ESPN have that many openings in its 99 different pre-game and post game shows? I hope so.

I can only assume the NFL has one motive for all of this: sell more team jerseys.  It’s bad enough they parade players out in those awful “throwback” uniforms (more like throwUP) now we’re going to have drunk fans walking around stadiums wearing their Eagle’s McCoy jersey bumping into drunk fans wearing new Bill’s McCoy jerseys and you just know there’s going to be a fight.  Probably not because of the jerseys, but because everyone one is drunk at NFL games, but that’s only because we don’t know who plays for what team any more.

Can someone at least turn this into a drinking game?