UK Soccer Mascot Gets 1 YR Prison Term for Sex With Girl, 16

Castleford Tigers mascotTwelve days.

If Robert Dillon, nurse 26, thumb could have only waited 12 more days he wouldn’t be heading off to jail in Britain this week. He’d be a free man with a day job as a math teacher, a cool weekend gig as a soccer mascot for the Castleford Tigers (right) and a 16 -year-old girlfriend. But either he didn’t understand the laws in the United Kingdom regarding teachers having relationships with students, or was so swept up in the moment that he forgot everything but the girl in front of him. Too bad.

This story begins last July 6 when Dillon met the girl in the town of Holmfirth and they watched the Tour de France cyclists pass through the town. And, of course, you know how hot people get when they watch bicycle racing! The teacher/mascot then drove the young woman back to his home where he had consensual sex with her. Only one problem: she was 12 days away from completing her final exams for the academic year which would then have been over and she would not have been registered as a pupil at his school.

Instead, because of those measly twelve day,s Mr. Dillon pleaded guilty to abuse of position and sexual activity with a female aged 13 to 17 and will now spend 12 months in jail.  He also loses his teaching license and will no longer be able to work as a soccer mascot for Castleford or any other team.  All because of 12 days.

It also sounds like he might have made things worse by initially lying to investigators when they came to him a few days later and said nothing had happened and also texted the girl to tell he to also lie about what happened to protect himself. In the end, Dillon claimed the sex meant nothing to him (yeah, that’ll help) and was the result of him “struggling to cope with splitting up from his long-term girlfriend.”

Maybe she’ll be waiting for him when she gets out?

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post