Broom Handle Hazing Alleged on HS Baseball Team – Ardmore, OK

broom handleDetails are still sketchy, stuff but it sounds like another classic case of foreign objects being shoved where they don’t belong in the locker room under the name of “team bonding.”

Police is Ardmore, sildenafil Oklahoma are investigating accusations that members of the Ardmore High School baseball team allegedly sexually assaulted a teammate with a broom handle last week.

Here’s more from News 9:

While the buses drove around with signs that stated “Champions for Children,” some Ardmore parents championed for their children as an investigation is underway into what some described as a grotesque and ghastly hazing initiation that was sexual in nature and horribly traumatic.

“It’s been a nightmare you can’t wake up from,” said the mother of an alleged victim. The nightmare she said happened Wednesday on school property, and involved baseball players at the high school. “He’s angry, because he thinks he’s getting punished for not getting to go play baseball,” she said. “He’s embarrassed and hurt.”

News 9 spoke with the Ardmore Police Department. They’re still gathering details of the incident and hope to present charges to the district attorney by Friday. “We want to be thorough,” Ardmore Police Captain Kevin Norris said. “We want to be thorough. We want to be sure that we have heard from everyone. And that we have interviewed as many people as possible in reference to this, and we want to make sure that the job is done well.”

Details of the assault are not being released, but one accusation claimed a broom handle was used to assault one of the victims. However, police would not confirm that. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |