Man Tells Cops Golf Clubs Were Stolen, Wanted Wife to Buy Him New Set

Jospeh Ioime mug shotOkay, illness so we’re not going to say that Joseph Louis Ioime of Ocala, sildenafil FL had a bad plan. But he had a bad plan.

Last weekend, Ioime, 64, met with police at the Baseline Golf Course and told the cops that his golf bag and golf clubs–worth over $2,000–had been taken from his car while it was in the parking lot. While the officer was completing his report, he noticed a set of clubs matching the description of the stolen set in Ioime’s trunk. At first the golfer claimed the trunk was broken and couldn’t be opened and then when he did open it, claimed THAT set was actually a duplicate “practice set.”

The officer apparently didn’t buy that story and, upon further questioning, Ioime admitted that he faked the robbery in order to–get this–convince his wife to buy him a new set. Ioime was then arrested on charges of filing a false police report and was beaten about the head and neck with a rolling pin by his wife when he got home. (Okay, we made that last part up, but you gotta believe something like that really happened to him.) At right, poor Mr. Ioime’s mug shot.

Source: Ocala Star Banner