Football Players From Kingston High School (NC) Arrested for BB Gun Hazing Incident

Kingston High School football players arrested for BB gun hazingIt’s all fun and games until someone forces you into a car and shoots you in the arm with a BB gun numerous times!

Okay, look so a couple of things odd about this alleged hazing incident at  Kinston High School in North Carolina. First, it involved four members of the football team, but it is obviously not football season. Second, the victim, Preston Burris, is 18-years-old, so probably a senior at the school and upperclassmen usually don’t get hazed by younger players on the team (Two of the alleged attackers were 16, and one of the others was 17.) And third, well . . . most high school sports hazings take place in the locker room and usually involve some kind of physical attack that has sexual undertones.

These four reportedly pulled up in a car in the school parking lot AFTER school, ordered Burris into the car, locked the doors and then threatened him with the gun. When he tried to get out, one of the four, Tykel Lender shot him in the arm. Yes, it is “only” a BB gun (how about we shoot you with one a few times?), but at close range they can sting and, besides, what kind of hazing initiation is this anyway?

All four were charged with charged with hazing, false imprisonment, and misdemeanor possession of a weapon on educational property. The “shooter”, Lender, was also charged with simple assault. At right, mug shots of three of the four involved: Lender, 17-year-old Curtis Carr, and 16-year-old Jontora Kinsey. No mug shot was available for 18-year-old Marquis Williams.

Source: WITN