Man Poses as Bowling Coach at Tallmadge High School to Have Sex With Girl

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoWait, sildenafil what?

Yes, cheap we all know how sexy bowling coaches are supposed to be, but this guy really crossed the line! ¬†According to police,Justin K. Jones, 29, went to the local bowling alley where the Tallmadge High School (OH) bowling club practiced and somehow presented himself to members of the team as a coach and gave them advice. Said Tallmadge Lt. Ron Williams, “He fancied himself as a bowling coach.”

Okay, we get that part, but something else must be missing from the story because next thing we know, the mother of one of the girls on the team found a months worth of “inappropriate” text messages and photos (uh oh) from her daughter to Mr. Jones. When contacted by police Jones admitted to having sexual contact with the girl and now faces third-degree felony sexual battery in Stow Municipal Court but is free on $25,000 bond.

Because he went to the bowling alley and pretended to be a coach. What am I missing here?