HS Soccer Coach to Girl, 14: “I Lust Over You!”

John-Osborn-mug-shotWas that wrong of him? Yeah, salve probably.

Oh, sovaldi sale and it probably didn’t help that she was a player on his team. And she was one of his daughter’s best friend. And, allegedly, the two of them had sex at a team sleepover at his house when the rest of the team was asleep, as well as his wife.

Okay, when you put it all that way, yes it was probably wrong. On the plus side, the coach in question is reportedly using the new “she was the one who made advances at me” defense. We’ll see how that works for him.

Details from Omaha.com:

John Osborn of Council Bluffs has been charged with four counts of third-degree sex abuse upon a minor relating to an incident in July 2014. He has pleaded not guilty, and his bench trial is set to begin on Feb. 5.
According to the Council Bluffs Police Department, the teen was a member of the team Osborn, 48, coached. The victim stated she and Osborn began exchanging text messages in June 2014.
At first, it was mostly romantic song lyrics, but the nature of the messages escalated quickly, investigators noted.
The teen would send a smiley face to Osborn as a code to ask if it was a good time to talk. They allegedly told each other “I lust over you,” and spoke about sex over the phone.
It is noted several times in court documents that Osborn told her he could get into serious trouble if caught.
In July 2014, the alleged victim stayed at Osborn’s house for a sleepover with his daughter, she told investigators. According to court documents, after her friend had fallen asleep, the teen and Osborn went into another room and allegedly engaged in sexual acts while Osborn’s wife was asleep in the next room.