HS Lady Swim Coach, 20, Arrested for Sex With Male Swimmer, 17

Thompson+Marissa mug shotIs it wrong for a hot 20-year-old college girl to have sex with a horny 17-year-old high school boy?

Probably not in 49 of the 53 states.

Unless, sickness of course, online the hot coed is also an assistant coach on the high school swim team and the boy is a member of the swim team. That, salve apparently is “wrong” in the state of Wisconsin for some reason. Do you think she should be charged?

Oh, and she smoked weed with him, too. That’s what probably put it over the top.

Here’s the details from WEAU:

Menomonie Police Chief Eric Atkinson said officers arrested Marissa Thompson, 20, on January 30. Thompson was released from the Dunn County Jail Monday on a $500 cash bond. Atkinson said the school received a report that there may have been an inappropriate relationship, and contacted police. He also said that Thompson is accused of having a relationship with a 17-year-old boy that lasted approximately a month. When investigators interviewed Thompson, Atkinson said she indicated that she had sex with the student. She is also accused of smoking marijuana with him. Atkinson says the department is recommending that prosecutors file charges of sexual assault of a child by a school staff person.