Fargo Man Arrested for DUI on . . . Zamboni?

I wish I could say this is the first time I remember this happening, see but in nearly 15 years of doing this blog, nurse I can’t.  And why not? It’s probably really cold and boring waiting to get out there and drive that big monster on the ice, you’re probably tempted to have an adult beverage or two to kill the time and you’ve driven the thing a million times before. How hard could it be if you’re a little buzzed?

Apparently, a lot. Here’s more on the story from People Magazine:

A man was arrested in Fargo, North Dakota, Friday night for allegedly driving a Zamboni while intoxicated.  Spectators called the cops after they noticed Steven Anderson driving erratically during a girls high school hockey game at the South Arena, the Grand Forks Herald reports. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI. “I’ve been here for 22 years … and we have not had an incident like this before,” Jim Larson, director of finance and human resources for the Fargo Park District, told the paper.

Not surprisingly, Anderson lost his job as a result of his arrest. The good news? There’s a rare opening for a Zamboni driver in Fargo!

Unfortunately, we don’t have video of this incident, but we do have video of a Zamboni falling through the ice at an outdoor arena.