Source: Browns Forced Manzeil Into Rehab

cleveland_browns_helmet-logo1The reaction to the word that Johnny Manzeil, aka “Johnny Football”, was entering rehab with a mixture of reactions yesterday. Some, like us, chose the humor route and had a little fun with the occasionally arrogant former Texas A&M quarterback, while others stood up for him and praised his courage to “getting the help he needed to turn his life around.”

But what if Manzeil didn’t voluntarily go into rehab on his own? What if the team forced him into rehab? Would that change your opinion of his actions?

At least once source is telling us that things came to a head within the Browns organization after the incident that ESPN reported on just last week about team security driving to Manzeil’s home the day the team was packing up for their season finale at Baltimore on December 28. According to the story, “Two team sources said security found a player who they felt clearly had partied hard the night before. One source used the words ‘drunk off his a–.’” This, after what appear to be countless other incidents where the first round pick took his new job less than seriously during the season, both on and off the field.

We should know pretty quickly if Manzeil was forced into rehab or if he went on his own volition. ¬†Usually in these situations, when a “celebrity” is forced into rehab by a movie studio, their managers, or concerned family members they usually only last for a few days, maybe a week, falling far short of the full amount of time needed to make any serious changes. Stars who know they have a problem and really want to get better will stay for the entire time needed to get better . . . no matter how long it takes.

So, why enter rehab now? Likely the negative ESPN article had something to do with it and it could also be that the NFL wanted to wait until the Super Bowl was over before dropping this bombshell. It’s also possible that there have been ongoing negotiations between Manzeil and the team since the Dec. 28 incident and things just finally game to a head a month later.

Either way, we should know within a week of Johnny is really serious about football, or serious about partying.