Video: GoDaddy Pulls “Puppy Mill” Themed Ad From Super Bowl Lineup After Flap

Gee, viagra I wonder how GoDaddy will EVER recover from all of this negative publicity?

Seriously though: how bad is this commercial compared to some of the others we’re likely to see Sunday in the Super Bowl between the New England Cheaters and the Seattle Malcontents?

Here’s more on the story from The Daily Mail:

GoDaddy pulled the plug on its Super Bowl commercial starring Buddy the golden retriever puppy Tuesday evening after getting an earful from furious animal rights activists. ┬áThe domain name company released the ad Tuesday – five days before it will be viewed by more than 100 million people during the Patriots and Seahawks game – and it was roundly criticized for apparently making light of puppy mills.
The advert opens with the nine-week-old pooch riding in the back of a truck, as it parodies Budweiser’s commercials featuring a dog and its Clydesdale horses.