Landon Cohen Goes From Parking Cars to the Super Bowl in Less Than a Month

Seahawks Landon Cohen

Never heard of Landon Cohen? Most people hadn’t . . . until this week.

Here’s more on the story from Yahoo Sports:

As most fantasies go, Cohen’s January has been the definition of awesome. Four weeks ago, he and two lifelong friends were running their valet service in Spartanburg, S.C. One workout and a few phone calls later, the journeyman defensive tackle landed with the Seattle Seahawks, despite not having been on an NFL roster the entire regular season.

Seahawks tackle Jordan Hill went down with a knee injury on Jan. 4, and Cohen got a sleepy, midnight call from Seattle the next day.

“Landon was a very active player,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after bringing Cohen aboard. “We had our eye on him.”

Cohen, 28, was inactive in the Seahawks’ first playoff game against the Carolina Panthers, but played a healthy role (14 snaps) in their wild NFC Championship win over the Green Bay Packers. That included two crucial goal-line stands early in the game. And he even got in a lick on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“It’s been a nice little ride,” Cohen said with a chuckle this week.

That’s an understatement, but that’s also Cohen: 6-foot-1, 300 pounds, even-keeled and pragmatic. He quotes the laid-back life wisdom of Bob Marley and says the Super Bowl is “big,” but adds that he wants to do something “even bigger” in his life.