Numberfire: How Often Are Successful Quarterbacks Drafted After the First Round?

Good question. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the answer from our friends at Here’s an excerpt from their latest article:

Tom Brady and Russell Wilson are part of a dying breed. That breed, surprisingly, is not quarterbacks with immaculate hair. Rather, it’s quarterbacks drafted after the first round who find success in the NFL.

Last year, we did a study of how important it was to draft a quarterback in the first round. In summation, if you want a quarterback that’s not going to stab your offense straight in the heart (Waddup, Geno?), you almost always need to snag him in the first round.

There are few exceptions to this, but two of them happen to be facing each other in Super Bowl XLIX. What are the odds of that? (There was actually a 21.88 percent chance based on Week 1 starters, but who’s counting?