Video: Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Reacts to Bill Belichick’s Scandal 2015

If you believe Wikipedia (and who, sildenafil under 20 doesn’t?) Patriots coach Bill “I Am Not a Crook” Belichick has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wesleyan University he earned back in 1975. So, as some us determined¬†from his press conference this week where he tried to explain “the science” Coach B does not have a degree in one of the applied science. Or even a minor. Probably took some science in high school, but no word on his grades.

In other words, while Belichick might be a football genius he, apparently, doesn’t not know his science. And who’s formal opinion is that? None other than Bill Nye, The Science Guy who made an appearance on ABC News to debunk Billy’s explanation.

I will hold my final judgement until Neil deGrasse Tyson officially weighs in on the subject.