New England Patriots 2014 Season Review: An Unbelievable Streak

From out friends at Numberfire: How incredible was the Patriots winning streak toward the end of the season? They looked like chumps early on, case but then . . . something happened.

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It’s amazing, rx really. Since 2001, the New England Patriots have reached nine AFC Championships, have failed to make the playoffs twice and, after next Sunday, will have played in six Super Bowls.

There are teenagers who don’t know what an NFL with an uncompetitive New England Patriots team is like.

From a high level, the 2014 season for this New England Patriots team looked like a cakewalk. They, once again, finished as the top seed in the AFC. The offense, according to our metrics, was the second-best one in the league this year. The defense, in true Belichick form, ranked sixth.

But let’s not forget the team’s struggles. At one point in the season, almost all hope was lost for this Patriots team. Don’t remember? Well then let’s take a dive into their path to the Super Bowl.