Video: Mom Interviews Her Devastated Little Packers Fan

On her YouTube channel, ambulance Kierra Yarbrough posted a video Sunday of an interview she conducted with her six-year-old son–a huge Green Bay Packers fan–after their loss to the Seahawks.

Let’s just say, this little guy wasn’t the only one crying after the Pack gave the game away in the fourth quarter.

Here’s more from Yarbrough’s description:

I started recording this video after the Packers lost the NFC Championship against the Seattle Seahawks. I recorded it to show how big of a Packers fan he was. But his comment about the bicycle put me over the edge. FYI, I was not laughing at my kid because of his heartbreak, I was simply laughing at the line about the bike. If you saw the end of the game and saw the way Michael Bennett was riding the bike, you’ll get where I’m coming from.