Bears DB Tim Jennings Arrested for DUI, Claims He Wasn’t Drinking

Tim Jennings mug shot - dui arrestOkay, try so here’s the thing.

If you’re doing 99 mph in a 65 zone and the cops pull you over (even if you’re just late trying to get to your kid’s parent-teacher conference at noon on a Wednesday) they arrest you for speeding. If they smell booze on your breath or otherwise think you’ve been drinking, they do a roadside sobriety test (you know, the one where you touch your nose and walk the line?). If, after that, they think that you’ve been drinking, they give you a breathalyzer test at the scene, or take you into the station and give you a blood test.

They don’t, as Tim Jennings of the Chicago Bears implies, pull you over for speeding and later also charge you with a DUI for the fun of it.

Some sources within the Bears are reporting that a breathalyzer test was not administered. Then either Jennings refused it–which is his right–and he automatically loses his license and they can still try to prosecute him for DUI based on the officers observations and other evidence at the scene. Or, the cops are just idiots and forgot to give the test. In which case, they would be stupid to charge Jennings with a DUI.

According to Jennings twitter account, he apologizes for speeding, but says he wasn’t drunk. So, something’s not adding up here because he was charged of DWI, speeding and reckless driving in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

I’m sure there’s more to this story, but we’ll have to wait to hear it I guess.