Drunk Jaguars CB Dwayne Gratz Cited For Disorderly Intoxication and . . . Trying to Pay With Gum?

Jaguars Dwayne Gratz Mug ShotNobody ever said you had to be a genius to play football.

Not that you can’t be smart and play, viagra sale but some people who are very good at athletic endeavors aren’t the best at traditional book learning. Same goes the other way.

You do have to wonder sometimes how dumb (or drunk) some athletes are when they get arrested. Case in point: Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Dwayne “Do You Have Change for a Bubble Yum?’ Gratz. According to published reports, viagra Gratz walked into a Jacksonville convenience store about 5:30 am last Sunday morning and tried to make a purchase. With gum. Not OF gum, but using gum as currency.

And no, not some special NFL-players-only-gum that might fetch a large sum on the black market. Nope, we’re talking about regular chewing gum. ¬†And apparently he tried to use gum because he didn’t have any money on him. (Oh, and he may have been drunk at the time.) So the store clerk called the cops and when the officers arrived, they nicely told Gratz to leave and he apparently refused. That refusal lead to an arrest on charges of¬†disorderly intoxication and trespassing after a warning, both of which are misdemeanors. Court records show Gratz spent a lovely night in jail and was later released on $1,000 bond on Monday morning.

Now, most people seem to be focusing on the fact that Gratz was so drunk that he tried to pay with gum, not a usual means to transacting business. But to me, the more important question is: how did Gratz get to that store and why didn’t he have any cash or debit cards on him? Did he just wander there aimlessly from some party the night before, or did someone else drive him there? Or did he drive HIMSELF there, in which case the cops should have charged him with a much more serious drunk driving charge?

Likely Gratz will be suspended by the team (like NOT playing for the Jaguars will be a punishment!) but the real damage will likely come from his teammates who probably won’t let him forget this incident any time soon.