Video from TMZ: Baltimore Orioles Mascot — PUNCHED IN THE NUTS … Mascot Fights Back

Why do people think they can do just about anything to a mascot and get away with it? Case in point, the Baltimore Orioles Mascot.

Here’s more from TMZ (watch video at the link.)

Another ferocious assault involving a Baltimore superstar … the Orioles mascot … who got HIT IN THE BALLS by a dumbass fan AND FOUGHT BACK … and TMZ Sports has the footage.

Our MLB sources tell us … the incident went down at Oriole Park at Camden Yard in April 2013 when a seemingly drunken O’s fan approached the mascot for a photo — and then suckerpunched the bird right in his feathered crotch.

The bird executed a perfect judo-style legsweep … and took down the attacker.