From NumberFire: Blind Résumés: Using Math to Compare Fantasy Football Pass-Catchers

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Winning at fantasy football is all about being a mercenary and not letting home team loyalty or media impressions of a player sway your draft strategy. NumberFire does great analysis of players without using their names to show you how you can be swayed. Here’s more from Blind Résumés: Using Math to Compare Fantasy Football Pass-Catchers

Here at numberFire, we base most of what we do in regards to the NFL on our Net Expected Points (NEP) metric. Even our fantasy football projections and advice stem from this all-encompassing metric for players.

But NEP is ultimately a “real football” statistic, and requires context and logic to be useful in fantasy football. Unless you’re in a point-per-NEP league (and if you are, contact me), you need more than just a measure of a player’s efficiency and production to make fantasy football decisions.