Video: Jeff Francoeur’s Triple-A Teammates Successfully Prank Him . . . AGAIN!

What’s the old saying? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Here’s more on the story from NESN:

Outfielder-turned-pitcher Jeff Francoeur was reportedly called up by the San Diego Padres on Tuesday, and while that’s great news for his career, that unfortunately means the end of his minor-league teammates pranking him. Thankfully, though, the El Paso Chihuahuas got one more prank in before Francoeur was promoted to the bigs. Back in April, Francoeur’s Triple-A teammates successfully — and hilariously — convinced him that one of their starting pitchers, Jose Reyes, was deaf. The veteran believed it for an entire month, with Cody Decker chronicling all of the shenanigans in a delightful video. In honor of Francoeur’s call-up, Decked released yet another video on Tuesday, and while the gag is much less elaborate the second time around, the end results are just as fantastic. The Chihuahuas, including Carlos Quentin who was rehabbing with the team at the time, worked together to lock Francoeur in the coaches’ bathroom, which he foolishly decided to use.

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