5 Ways to Gamble Away Your Fantasy Football Championship This Year

As I always say, it’s never too early to screw up your odds of winning your fantasy football league this season. Besides, four straight years finishing second-to-last in your 8 team league isn’t THAT bad, is it? At least you don’t have to go through the public humiliation that the last place finisher endures each year! Besides, what can you really do before the season even begins?

You can do a lot right now or you can gamble away another season. Hey, if you really want to try you luck, why not do it at a site like GamingClub.co.uk/online-slots? Otherwise, you’re taking chances with your team you don’t need to. And here are the five stupid ways you’ll do it.

Stupid Move #1: Ignore Your League’s Rules – “What? When did we switch to a PPR league?” Like, two years ago, pal. And you’d know that if you took five minutes to read your league rules and scoring guidelines. Nothing guarantees a poor season like drafting the wrong players or making a bonehead move in the middle of the season. I once knew a guy who was on his way to having an undefeated regular season when he was involved in a tie game. The tie-breaker was highest wide receiver points and, while he did have a stud receiver with the most points, that player was slotted in the Flex spot and he ended up losing the game and his season just spiraled downward from there.

Stupid Move #2: Ignore the Other Players in Your League – True, if you play in public leagues you don’t always know who you’re playing with, but most of us are in at least one league with friends, family members, co-workers or a combination of all three. And you know (or should know) that every year for the past four years your cousin always drafts Peyton Manning with his first pick. EVERY YEAR. Even when he was injured. So? So, it means if he’s picking before you, you can reasonably assume he’s going to pick Manning again this year. That impacts who will be available for you to draft and could impact your entire draft strategy. Take a few minutes to review last year’s draft (or the last couple) and see if you can spot any trends.

Stupid Move #3: Don’t Waste Time Planning for the Draft – It’s all the same players, on the same teams from last season, right? Just remember who was on your team last year, draft the same guys and you’ll do okay.  Never mind if their real team traded for a new quarterback or drafted a running back who will put your guy out of a job. Go with the names you’ve always trusted, no matter what their actual stats are likely to be. I’m not saying you have to spend every waking hour from now until the draft studying player stats, but at least take a look at some recent NFL news. Are your favorite players even still in the league?

Stupid Move #4: Don’t Participate in Any Mock Drafts – You already know how the draft works, right? You’ve done it at least once a year for the last five years so you have to be an expert by now. Besides, how much could it change in a single year?   The reality is, drafts have a rhythm to them and the only way to catch that rhythm is to do a couple of mock drafts. Even if your team plays by some weird set of rules no one else does. At least you see how your fantasy provider (ESPN, YAHOO, NFL.com) organizes things and you might actual find a new feature that could help you out during your REAL draft.

Stupid Move #5: Take Advice From the Same Source You Did Last Year – Unless that source helped you to go deep in the playoffs or to a championship (and you’re probably not reading this if you did), you should considered expanding your fantasy universe a little bit. Think about it: if you and the other people in your league all listen to the same podcast, read the same blog and watch the same cable shows you’re likely to go after the same players in the draft, aren’t you? And, during the season, the same players on the waiver wire. And ultimately, you’re going to end up with the same results. If you all do the same thing you are leaving your fate to luck more than skill. Take a chance: check out some new FF service or host, especially someone you might disagree with.

Who knows: you might learn something. And not finish next to last again this year.