Bob Reno’s Report for May 19, 2014

That Escalated Quickly – George Thomas, the track coach at Sharon High School (PA) was in court this week and  pleaded not guilty to charges that he stabbed the parent of one of his runners. Say what? According to the victim, Otis Hixon, he went to Thomas to confront him about allegedly assaulting his stepson and another boy at practice the day before. But instead of a civil discussion about the merits of corporal punishment, Thomas allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Hixon near his heart.  Hixon will recover, but in addition to being suspended Thomas will face a variety of charges, including bringing a knife to a school event. (Source – KPXI)

High School Coach Arrested for Stealing Money From Jock’s Lockers, Gets Caught in “Operation Sticky Fingers” – After students at New Smyrna Beach High School (FLA) reported more than $950 dollars missing from wallets in their lockers over a period of weeks, the school decided to take action to catch the theif and launced–wait for it–Operation Sticky Fingers.  The plan was to dust some bait cash with luminescent powder that could only be seen under ultraviolet light. Officials would then wait until some money was missing and using the light on the hands of all the players . . . the most likely suspects in the case. That is, until they checked all the players, their hands came clean and they decied to check out the hands of the coach staff when they found out the powder on the hands of football coach, Rodney “Can You Spare a Dime” Barnes, who had more than $170 of the marked bills. Barnes, 43, has now resigned and faces charges of grand theft and burglary. (Source – Orlando Sentinel)