Bob Reno’s Report for May 12, 2014

Friend, tadalafil sovaldi I think you may have taken my parking spot by mistake. Would you kindly mind moving your car to another location?

That Musta Been Some Little League Game! – You know how it is at big sporting events: there’s never enough parking, unhealthy so you wait and wait and then something finally opens up, recipe but then some dumbass pulls into your spot before you can use it.  Your only option? Well, if you’re 70-year-old John DeCarlo of Kennewick, WA you do what you what anyone else would do: you pull out a loaded gun and make the other car back out and give your spot! Darned if you’re going to miss your grandson’s game, right? But wouldn’t you know it, someone had a problem with that traditional method for solving a parking dispute and called the cops. DeCarlo was charged with Felony Harassment. No word on the score of his grandson’s game, but likely this livened up the chatter between parents in the stands. Source – KVEW High School Football Player Gets Lucky With Houston Texans Cheerleader at Prom – No wait, I think I phrased that wrong. Instead of “with” I should have said “takes” and “to prom”, not “at prom.” Small error on my part, but a big night for Crosby High School football player Mike “You Lucky Bastard” Ramirez who has a smile that they haven’t been able to wipe off his face since he picked up Texans cheerleader Caitlyn (last name withheld per Texans policy) as his prom date. It all started as a classroom bet with another football player that he could ask Caitlyn out and get her to accept if he got 10,000 retweets of his proposal. And guess who did? Photo below from her Twitter account:

Source – Headline News