Bob Reno’s Report for May 7, 2014

“I think you should hit a left foot from here Tony.”

Welcome to the Future! Say Hello to . . . Footgolf? – Hey, I know what we’ll do: let’s take two really boring sports and combine them for one new super boring sport. For example, if you took the slow pace of soccer with the slow pace of golf, you’re really have something, right? And that something is called Footgolf and it looks just as goofy as you’d think. People kicking soccer balls on a golf course toward golf holes that have flags, but are 21 inches wide and look like you could bathe your dog in them. I was really hoping this was an April Fool’s Joke, but no, it appears real. Anyone know where I can get a tee time on the pitch? (Source – SF Gate)

Today’s Top Five List – You may not have heard, but I think that the 2014 NFL Draft starts this Thursday. No, really!  I’m surprised we’re not hearing anything from ESPN or the NFL Network about it. Hah!

A lot of college football players are hoping their names get called in that all-important, big money, First Round. But you know, not every player is going to be a top pick. How can you tell?

Top Five Signs You’re Not Going to Be a First Round Draft Pick in the NFL This Year

#5. Your college coach compared you to a “young Brady.” Bobby Brady.

#4. Not saying you’re slow, but they timed your 40 yard dash using an hourglass.

#3. The only NCAA record you hold is Arrests vs. Convictions (on second thought, that might make you the #1 pick overall for the Raiders)

#2. You’re the only player to ever take the Wonderlic intelligence test and get a score of “potato”

#1. You refuse to be drafted by any team that doesn’t share your gang colors.

Soccer Hooligan Punches Police Horse – Soccer hooligans, especially in the United Kingdom, are known for being violent. Over the weekend, violence broke out following the Bristol Rovers’ 1-0 home loss to rival Mansfield. But the fun started even before the game, as a police horse–there to do some crowd control–was punched in the head by a rowdy fan.  (Source – Daily Mirror) As bizarre as that sounds, it’s not the first time a hooligan has punched a police horse. It’s actually happened twice now in the PAST YEAR. And yes, there is video of the last one which involved a drunk named Barry Rogerson who was eventually sentenced to a year in prison for the act. Watch the video of that hooligan incident below. Below that is the famous scene for Blazing Saddles, where former NFL great Alex Karras’ character, Mongo, punches a horse in the way that some people think it would happen in real life. It doesn’t.

And be sure to keep your horses safe tonight.

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