Bob Reno’s Report for May 2, 2014

I don’t endorse this kind of behavior, but here’s an interesting video called “How to Sneak into Any Game (Grand Scam)“. Kids: don’t do what Uncle Bob does, do what Uncle Bob says . . . and don’t forget to bring a baby bottle to the game with you.

Red-shirting players in college (essentially giving them an extra year of eligibility by holding them out of games their freshman season) is common. Red-shirting high school lacrosse players in 9th grade so they’ll be closer to the legal drinking age when they graduate? More common than you might think. Read the story from our friends at What would rich people spend their time doing if they weren’t always trying to game the system?

Minor league stadium installs “Old Faithful” geyser to drench/entertain fans. Not really; some klutzy ballplayer kicked a sprinkler head and all hell broke loose. But it does give me an idea I want to pass along to the Lugnuts.  Watch the video here.

And no, shop comedian Joe Rogan did NOT fail a drug test and get suspended by UFC. At least, not this time.