VIDEO: Triple-A teammates Pull Amazing Prank on Jeff Francoeur

Would you believe it if a co-worker told you that another employee was deaf (who wasn’t)? And if so, how long would you fall for the prank?

Here’s a minor league baseball team which managed to pull it off for an entire month.

More from CBS Sports (video below):

Veteran outfielder Jeff Francoeur was unable to win a job with the Indians in spring training, and, soon after being released, he signed a minor league contract with the Padres. They assigned him to their Triple-A affiliate in El Paso.

Francoeur’s teammates, several of whom he’s known since his time with the Braves, decided to pull off an elaborate prank that included the coaching staff, the training staff, and sometimes innocent bystanders. They convinced Jeff that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf and kept the gag running for weeks.